Wedding Reception Table Decorations

Creating exactly the right ambiance for your wedding reception is often easier said than done. It is often a matter of focusing on even the most minor details to ensure the mood, style, and atmosphere of the room is exactly what you had envisioned. One of the reception features that guests interact with the most is the table where they are seated; as such, this is one of the details that simply cannot be ignored.

Some may think that wedding reception table decorations consist of nothing more than some nice silverware and a floral centerpiece. However, more and more couples choose to liven up their reception atmosphere with a decoration scheme that jibes with their personalities: anything from extravagent to classic to artsy to modern.

Check out our - by no means complete! - list of options for decorating wedding reception tables for ideas to fit any wedding theme.

Floral centerpieces - Floral centerpieces are a standard fixture on most wedding reception tables. Traditionally, on a round table, one floral arrangement - matching the wedding colors and theme - is placed in the middle of the table. These arrangements can be big or small, and serve as an accent piece to unify the reception's theme. Some couples may opt to have several, smaller floral centerpieces on each table, which can help make the centerpiece less overpowering. Many couples today, even with other options, still choose to make the floral centerpiece the focus of their table decoration and add personalized touches to the arrangement. Common ideas are a vase etched with the bride and groom's initials, or a vase featuring photographs of the couple.

Other natural centerpieces - Less-traditional couples, or those pursuing an outdoorsy theme, have opted in recent years to create centerpieces from other natural materials. Regular materials for these kinds of centerpieces include tree branches and other tall plants or reeds. These decorations offer a unique visual for the guests, and can help cement a wedding's natural theme. Even couples without a woodsy theme have been using similar materials as centerpieces simply for artistic visual impact.

Trinkets and games - In addition to, or in place of, a traditional centerpiece, many couples today are opting to decorate their tables with fun toys or favors for their guests. These may be placed at each guests namecard or plate, or may be scattered around the table to encourage mingling. Some examples of these kinds of gifts include poppers filled with small couple-themed trinkets like magnets, or could be fortune cookies that guests crack open to find a message from the bridge and groom. These table decorations can help keep up the reception's theme will providing guests with a fun activity and way to interact with each other.

Candles and lanterns - Adding unique lighting to your reception tables can enhance the ambience of the whole room, as well as provide your guests with a more intimate table experience. Many couples choose to cover tables with many small votive candles to create soft light and a romantic aura. Some couples favor lanterns - metal or paper - as a way to incorporate color into their table decorations, while also providing their guests with additional light.

Place cards - Place cards and table numbers are ready palettes for decoration; couples can use them as an opportunity to incorporate color, design, and illustration into their table settings. Although they are not the main focus of the table display, place cards and table numbers do make up the background and will be looked at by guests finding their seats. Couples can use these paper place cards to add a litle creativity to their layout; because they need to stand out, couples can be bolder with colors and designs, incorporating a bright style that would have been too much for the whole table.

Crystals - For couples who don't want or can't afford to cover their guest's tables with gold and diamonds, but want to add that touch of sparke, crytals are an excellent idea that can be incorporated throughout the table. Couples can make their own mini-chandeliers to sit at the center of each table out of candles and strings of crystals. Crystals can be incorporated in other table elements as well including picture frames, flower vases, and simple strewn about the larger centerpieces.

Thanks to the internet age, there are literally thousands of other ideas for you to consider from brides, grooms, wedding planners, and other wedding pros. For every different kind of bride, there is a resource meant just for her online. There are dozens of mainstream bridal sites that compile information on every kind of wedding and allow future brides to peruse not only table decorations, but dresses, reception themes, and anything else she can think of. In addition, brides-to-be can uncover any number of wedding blogs that match her decoration schemes, whether she's planning a reception that's traditional, over the top, or even DIY.

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect, down to the finest detail. By finding just the right table decorations for the reception, brides and grooms can ensure that not only have they created the ambiance they always imagined, but their guests can enjoy the glamour and the fun of their wedding day as well.