A lot of wedding ring designs are made of 18k gold jewelry as it is known for its durability. It is important to choose the perfect wedding ring designs because that piece of jewelry is a vivid reminder of the day you took the vows to be together for better or for worse. For those people who decide to tie the knot, this would mean spending the rest of your lives together. And one of the most popular kinds of nuptial band most couples choose is the 18k gold jewelry.

Characteristics of the Metal

Deciding on wedding ring designs can be a challenging task. It is a decision that nobody wants to get wrong. A lot of couples go through hundreds of choices and intense brainstorming before settling on a specific style. Of all the metal choices available, 18k gold jewelry gets the most number of requests. As per tradition, wedding ring designs use 18k gold jewelry that is why most couples settle on this option. Gaining more knowledge about this popular metal will help you arrive at a decision that leaves no room for regret.

It is necessary to know the composition of the 18k gold jewelry so you are more confident when choosing this for wedding ring designs. This element is a tough metal but it is also highly pliable. A 24 karat accessory is easily deformed because of its extreme softness. To make it commercially useful, other metals have to be combined to lend it hardness and to manufacture it in various delicate styles.

There are three different tones of 18k gold jewelry and each of this color can be used for wedding ring designs. There's the yellow tone, which is the most commonly used type of nuptial bands. There's also the white color, which suits many younger couples because it is simple and hip. Then there's the pink color. The metal achieves a pinkish color once it is combined with copper. This is usually a choice for those who want to own newer and more unique wedding ring designs.

Wedding Ring Designs - Choosing a Desirable Style

The 18k gold jewelry may be a traditional choice but wedding ring designs have evolved over the years. Men are also starting to participate more when it comes to choosing a style. Just like women, they want it to reflect their personality and their marriage. Since couples have to wear this accessory every day, they want their wedding ring designs to speak of the marriage bliss without having to sacrifice their sense of style. This 18k gold jewelry bears a sacred meaning and a personal touch is needed to make it more special and spot-on.

Wedding ring designs range from the traditional and modern, to unique and personalized. Some couples get inspiration from their favorite celebrities while others copy the patterns of their parents' accessories. The desire to be unique has produced many marvelous wedding ring designs using 18k gold jewelry. A style with stone settings is especially very popular. The yellow color gives an attractive backdrop because of its rich texture. Because this metal is versatile and strong, couples can choose any style they want.

Aside from the classic, modern, and vintage model, other wedding ring designs follow a theme. There's a Celtic style, a Claddagh style, and a yoga style. Celtic is an attractive style because of its intricate braiding. It involves a lot of skills and techniques to achieve the look with perfection. A Claddagh style is laden with romantic history and is said to be a symbol of an everlasting commitment. A yoga style nuptial band is chosen among couples who are into this lifestyle. For ultra stylish couple who seek for a style that has never been produced before, the wedding ring designs can have a modern twist that would make the accessory look extraordinary.

Then there are also couples who opt for simpler wedding ring designs by going for either plain or two-tone style. A plain band is uncomplicated yet stylish enough. It speaks volumes of the emotions that a person feels during the day of taking vows. It represents simplicity and couples are reminded that a strong bond is the key ingredient to a successful marriage. A two-tone band is a combination of two metals. Using two-tone for wedding ring designs provides an attractive and versatile setting. Some styles are handcrafted to perfectly etch intricate patterns. Handmade styles are usually integrated with precious stones and carvings.

Considerations to Make in Finding a Perfect Style

It is good to remember that expensive wedding ring designs aren't always the most perfect bands. If you are looking for quality, choose the right karat measurement that would make the accessory enduring and accommodating to the style you want. There usually is an industry standard and it would be wise to base your decision on that. Higher karat bands may sound like better choices but remember that they are softer and more malleable. This would make them prone to scratches and damages. The level of purity in wedding ring designs should coincide with style and functionality. Choose an accessory that would make you feel proud wearing every day.

Wedding Ring Designs - Preserving Its Lasting Quality

When not wearing your nuptial band, you can preserve its texture and shine by wrapping it in soft cloth. Make sure that you keep it in a safe place. You can bring back its shine and brilliance by immersing it in soapy warm water. You can also have it cleaned by your local jeweler. Wipe it dry with a soft cloth after cleaning it. Keep it away from dust, perspiration and other harmful elements that would interfere with its shine.

You can buy your accessory from trusted jewelers or you can search for reliable jewelers online. For you to make sure that you are only buying genuine and high quality accessory look for a trademark that is stamped somewhere in the accessory. It is a designation that guarantees the authenticity of the metal and genuineness of the karat measurement. You can also choose products from countries that are known for making quality ornaments. Shop around and choose a style carefully. Remember that a lot of memories will be represented by this special ornament. Wedding ring designs can be used an as instrument to demonstrate your love and devotion for each other.