There are many wedding ring designs, to suit everyone’s tastes. The main purpose, with wedding rings, is to pick a model that looks great on your finger and it’s comfortable to wear. Most couples choose unisex wedding ring designs. They want to wear identical rings, and a simple gold band is the most common option. However, you have hundreds of options; so don’t settle for the first wedding ring you see.

 Wedding Ring Designs For Men And Women

When you are shopping for wedding rings, you need to know that’s not absolutely necessary to buy the same model for both of you. The rings need to match, but matching doesn’t mean identical ones. Women prefer delicate, feminine wedding ring designs, while men just want something as simple and discreet as possible. Well, neither of you has to compromise and to get a ring that’s not what they dream of. Pick the style – for example, you can decide on modern, white gold wedding rings, that combine polished and matte finishes. From there, you can personalize the ring, to be perfect for you. Ladies can add some small stones to it, for a more feminine, appealing look. You can select traditional, white small diamonds, or you can go with colored gems. Your birthstone, for example, might be the right choice for the wedding ring. As for men, they can skip the stones and keep the ring as simple as they like.

 Wedding Ring Designs For Everyday Wear

Wedding rings are the symbol of your love and they will always remind you of your wedding day. They are meant to be worn every day, for the rest of your life. So it’s very important to select wedding ring designs that both of you love and that are suitable for everyday wear. If you pick models with facets or that stuck out, make sure that the interior side, the ones that comes directly on the finger, is flat. The rings with a circular shape are uncomfortable to wear, they slip from the finger easily and you risk losing them. The size is also extremely important. If the ring is too tight, it will hurt your finger and make it swell. If the ring is too large, it can cause skin problems, because it rubs a lot against your finger.

 Modern Wedding Ring Designs

Modern wedding ring designs are very appealing, both for men and women. If you want identical rings for the both of you, then this is the style you need. Modern designs come with simple, geometrical shapes and concentrate more on textures and finishes. You can find great combinations: white and yellow gold, shiny and silk finishes combined with mattes and textured ones. Very fashionable, those days, are platinum and even stainless steel. The combination between platinum and steel is very unusual, but extremely elegant.

 Wedding Ring Designs To Celebrate Your Love

Incorporating symbols of your love in the wedding ring designs is a very sweet, romantic idea. For example, you can use your initials as the leitmotiv of your wedding rings. You can also add special symbols, like twin hearts, flowers and so on. You can engrave the ring with something special for the two of you: the date you met, your wedding date, your favorite quotation or verse. You can even choose an unusual metal for your wedding ring, one that symbolizes the strength of your love. A good idea is wedding rings made of tungsten. This is the strongest, most durable metal used for jewelries, especially for wedding rings. It’s practically indestructible, just like your love. This is making it the perfect material for wedding rings.

To conclude, the best wedding ring designs are the ones that suit your personality. You have a lot of options that you need to consider before deciding on a certain design. You don’t have to give up on the ring you really want, because your spouse wants something a little different. For matching wedding rings, but with a personal touch, the two of you can agree on a design style, and then just add supplementary elements. Most women want some stones on their rings, while men feel like stones are not…manly enough. Well, that’s no problem: ladies can have their diamonds, while men have the liberty to pick the minimalist design they prefer.