Here are some wedding ring tattoo ideas for you. This article will concentrate on texts you can write on your wedding finger. Naturally, you can’t really afford to have long sentences tattooed. The following are short phrases.


Latin Phrases

  • Amor vincit Omnia = Love conquers all
  • Semper fidelis = Always faithful
  • amare fides respectu aeternum = love faith respect forever
  • donec mors facimus pars = till death do we part
  • Fide et amor = Faithfully and lovingly
  • Numquam ero desistere amare = I'll never stop loving you
  • votum quod prosapia amare in perpetuum = promise to God and family, I will love you forever
  • Omnia sum ego ​​qui = all that I am all that I will be
  • nunc et in perpetuum = now and forever
  • tu es meus solus unum = you are my only one
  • habetis cor et anima = you have my heart and soul
  • mea ratio ad amorem et vivere = my reason to love and live


heart wedding ring tattoo

Japanese Phrases

  • Taiyō to tsuki = Sun and Moon =太陽と月
  • Shin'yÅ« to patina = bestfriend and partner =親友とパートナー
  • Watashi to anata wa eien ni= forever me and you =わたしとあなたは永遠に
  • Tsuneni aisuru = always love =常に愛する
  • Shugo tenshi= guardian angel =守護天使
  • KÅ«ki ya hikari = air and light =空気や光
  • Ai no shinkō seikatsu = love faith life = 愛の信仰生活


Italian Phrases

  • tu sei la mia vita di fede amore = you are my love, faith and love
  • la speranza del mio cuore stanco = hope of my hopeless heart
  • Per sempre Amore mio = For ever my beloved
  • Solo tua solo tu = only yours, only you
  • Sei la mia anima gemella = you are my soulmate
  • tutto ciò che io sono per voi = all that I am for you
  • tu sei la mia dolce metà = you are my better half
  • Amo solo te - I love only you


japanese phrase

Other Ideas

1)    Name of your partner and date when you got married

2)    Stylized initials

3)    Anagram or a style of lettering that reads the same backwards as it would forward

4)    Things that come in pairs like sun and moon


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