Wedding ring tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos are a relatively new thing in the Western world and are becoming more prevalent, which is not that hard to believe since tattoos are becoming more and more common.

A wedding ring or band is the worldwide symbol of marriage. It demonstrates that you have found your soul mate and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Traditionally, wedding rings are made out of gold, white gold or platinum however wedding ring tattoos are looking like a viable alternative to many newly-weds.

The wedding ring tattoo which is becoming a popular alternative to the traditional gold wedding ring. Wedding ring tattoos are not as pretty but they do have some advantages. Wedding ring tattoos also have several disadvantages and these need to be considered before making the decision to go and see your local tattoo artist and get inked up

A wedding ring tattoo

As its name suggests, a wedding ring tattoo is a tattoo that goes around the circumference of the wedding finger in place of a traditional wedding ring. But before deciding if a wedding ring tattoo is suitable for you and your future spouse you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of having a wedding ring tattoo.

The advantages of wedding ring tattoos:-

  • Tattoos are expensive but compared to the cost of a wedding band they are cheap. Wedding ring tattoos are a good option for any couple with a tight budget and not a lot of money to spend on traditional wedding rings.
  • A wedding ring tattoo is part of your finger for life. A wedding ring tattoo cannot be taken off and misplaced nor can it be lost, which is great if you are a forgetful person.
  • Traditional wedding rings can get caught on different things, which can lead to some serious issues and loss of digits in extreme cases, especially if you work with your hands. Wedding ring tattoos cannot get caught on anything and are totally safe in all working environments.
  • A wedding ring tattoo gives you the ultimate in control over the design of the wedding rings. There are no restrictions and you can let your imagination and artistic flair run riot when designing your wedding ring tattoo. The sky really is the limit and you can devise something that is totally unique and personal to you both as a couple. If you have traditional wedding rings you do not get the same artistic licence.
  • Weddingsring tattoos are rising in popularity, however they are still far from common therefore they are something unique and different and they provide a great talking point.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the advantages of wedding ring tattoos and there are far more besides, however it does give an indication of the types of thing you need to consider.

In addition to the advantages of wedding ring tattoos there are some disadvantages that need to be considered.

  • Wedding ring tattoos are permanent and with you for life. No one wants their marriage to end prematurely, however some of us make mistakes and end up marrying the wrong person, and the relationship goes wrong resulting in divorce. A traditional wedding ring can be removed and put out of sight, however you can’t do this with a wedding ring tattoo and it will be a daily reminder on your finger. You may choose to have laser removal procedures to get rid of the tattoo but these procedures do not remove the tattoo completely. Besides, laser removal often leads to scars and blemishes that never heal. An alternative is to have the wedding ring tattoo changed or covered up with another tattoo, which may or may not work.
  • Having a tattoo hurts on the fleshiest parts of your body so having one on your finger is going to hurt quite a bit. Some people have higher pain thresholds than other people however a wedding ring tattoo is still going to give you some discomfort. Before deciding to have a wedding ring tattoo you need to bear this in mind and satisfy yourself you are going to put up with the pain and see the tattoo through to the end. A wedding ring tattoo is not really something you can stop once it’s started, unlike tattoos on other parts of your body.
  • Tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable however there is still a stigma with tattoos. Many people still “judge” people with tattoos and associate them with delinquents, thugs or criminals. You have to remember that the only way to cover a wedding ring tattoo, and avoid any issues from narrow minded people, is to wear gloves and this is not always practical or possible.
  • Tattoos require immediate after care to ensure the tattoo heals properly and retains its colour and shape. Looking after a new tattoo is very important to ensure the tattoo looks its best. This after care takes time and effort and this time and effort could be better spent organising other aspects of the wedding.
  • When you have a wedding ring tattoo there is no “giving or receiving of rings” at the wedding ceremony. When I got married I found this section of the ceremony the most emotional and memorable and it is something I would not have wanted to miss out on. Before you decide to have a tattoo wedding ring you need to consider this fact and make sure you are happy without this part of the ceremony. I guess you could always borrow some traditional wedding rings and have the giving and receiving of rings and then go and get the wedding ring tattoos but it’s not really the same.

It is easy to see there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with having wedding ring tattoos, all of which need to be considered and weighed up before making the decision to go ahead and get your local tattooist to ink you up.

The traditional gold wedding ring that symbolises marriage. These rings are pretty and can be removed whenever needed.

A traditional gold wedding ringCredit: yackers1

Having a quarter sleeve on both arms and a couple of tattoos on my ankles I admit to liking tattoos although I would never choose to have a tattoo wedding ring. My wife also has many tattoos and she feels the same about tattoo wedding rings. The possibility of having a wedding ring tattoo was discussed during our wedding plans, however we both felt too strongly for the giving and receiving of rings during the ceremony. Besides, I work in a profession where I need to cover up my tattoos in case I portray the wrong image and “offend” any clients.