Wedding rings are made with precious metals studded with diamonds, but even this degree of elegance and cultural tradition is an age old concept. Wedding bands have certainly evolved over a period of time and the latest in this category is that of wedding band tattoos. There is no doubt that tattoos are undergoing a powerful renaissance and wedding ring tattoos are one among them because of the pretty styles and the comfort they provide. Though wedding band tattoos are not new, this application of body art has been in practice among Goths popularly known as gothic wedding rings. To-be brides and grooms are always  in search of new concepts to make their wedding special with exciting wedding accessory ideas of which wedding band tattoos haven proven to be increasingly important.

Unique wedding band tattoo ideas

There are many wedding ring tattoo designs in fashion and the most popular among them are Celtic design ring tattoos. Celtic design is made of intricate patterns that look like a knot without any starting point or ending point. The design is a tribal pattern and is popularly known as Gothic wedding rings. The patterns are so intricate that if the artist is not an expert the design may look blurred and incoherent. So it is important that a specialist in tattoo art needs to be consulted for this job. Smaller formats may not look appealing. Hence this designs needs to be given a careful thought.

The next wedding band tattoo one should consider is the combination of simple lines and shapes. Again we were not too sure of how it would look. But we browsed through a few websites and learnt about a few patterns. More number of lines can make the design blur. Use of two lines can make it simple and attractive, we thought. Sometimes shapes are used instead of lines making it more clear and unique. These shapes can be simple geometrical patterns. This design will suit any couple.

We were even thinking of a simple wedding band without any design or patterns. It definitely looks good and on top of it we can wear our precious wedding ring as well on special occasions. In this type, husband is given a thicker band and the wife is given a thinner band to make it look more feminine.

As we continued our quest for more wedding tattoo designs we realized that religious designs are also in vogue. Some of them include inking a cross, Christian fish symbol, popular bible verses, trinity design, dove design and Barromean rings that stands for three entities of marriage. Om symbol is popularly used not just by Hindu but people from other faiths as well, as it symbolizes inner peace.

As we explored further we came to know that tattoos are not just about tradition and spirituality but it also has modern touch to it. Falling into the elegant band tattoo are simple designs like waves, dots and coils on the ring finger. These can be trendy and can give a gracious look.

Picture tattoos are also popular and we wanted to get some points cleared on that and we collected some information on this as well. We came to understand that picture tattoos can be inked both in blue, red and black. Though color looks attractive it has the tendency to fade and hence black is always our first choice. Color tattoos can be a temporary arrangement but for better results we found out those pictures in black lasts longer.

We also considered a temporary wedding band tattoo option and learnt that henna wedding bands are auspicious and give a grand appearance. This is normally created with a paste made of henna leaves and gives a pleasant aroma.

Knotted designs are popular since time immemorial and black and silver ink in twists and turns makes the band all the more enriching. This gives a traditional look and the silver makes it look grand as well. This symbolizes happiness and sorrows the couples undergo in their life after marriage.

Names and initials have always made wedding band tattoos personalized. Initials of the husband on the wife's finger and the wife's initials on the husband's finger have been tried for many years and give a fresh appeal.

Choosing a tattoo artist

We wanted to make the process uncomplicated and yet yield the desired results and hence wanted to settle for an experienced tattoo artist. The artist needs to ink minute patterns with much clarity and intricacy. So we went hunting for a professional wedding band tattoo artist and shortlisted a few. We asked them for their samples and most of them were happy to show us their precious work, those who did not we simply rejected them. Most of the tattoo artists were glad to answer all our queries relating to wedding band tattooing. We were concerned about the hygiene and questioned them about the procedures. They said that they use disposable needles and use different color trays for different clients.

We always wanted our wedding ring to be unique and that is why we decided on a wedding ring tattoo. We further explored the opportunity to make it more unique. We wanted the artist to be creative to think of a design that is personalized and can reflect our personality. We learnt that there is no standard price for tattoo designing and each studio charges differently, though the lowest on does not necessarily compromise on quality. We did not want to rush and decided to take time on making the final decision.

Speaking to a host of tattoo artists we were informed that wedding ring tattoo needs special care to make it last longer. They told us that if our tattoo should look as good as new, it has to be taken care of properly. They suggested use of lubricant cream, vegetable glycerin to maintain the freshness of the tattoo. Aftercare instruction is must and should be followed to the word. Do not expose the tattoo to harsh chemicals like chlorine or cleaning agents. Exposure to sunlight has to be controlled for the tattoo to remain fresh, recommended experts.

So, a wedding ring tattoo is a perfect proposal to stun your partner and to show your eternal love.