More and more people are looking for unique, nonconventional wedding rings that would represent their commitment to each other and their individuality and wedding ring tattoos are becoming a popular option. Wedding ring tattoos and gothic wedding rings are popular among rockers and goths.

Below are some ideas for wedding ring tattoos.

Celtic Design

Since wedding ring tattoos and Gothic Wedding Rings, tribal patters have become a popular choice.  Celtic wedding ring tattoos are the most popular.  This design usually consists of intricate knot designs like the trinity knot. Because these knots have no beginning and no end, they symbolize infinity and eternal love between two people. Some intricate patterns are also believed to ward off evil spirits by confusing them with the patterns.

Christian Design

Another type of wedding ring tattoo and Gothic Wedding Rings design is the religious, or more specifically, the Christian wedding rings:

  • Stylized Cross
  • A bible verse
  • Christian fish – early Christians identified themselves as followers of Christ by wearing the fish symbol
  • Barromean rings or trinity – stands for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost but couples choose to use the three rings to symbolize the three entities in the marriage, the couple and God
  • Trinity (Triquetra) – made of three interlocking fish symbol
  • Dove wedding ring tattoos

Partner’s Name

Some of the celebrities that put their partner’s name as wedding ring tattoos include Pamela

Anderson and Tommy Lee, Howard Stern and his first wife, and Mia Tyler and Dave Buckner to name a few.

Modern Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Some modern couples have used:

  • The words ‘I do’ and ‘Ditto’
  • Heart and a key
  • Lock and key
  • Custom design
  • Images or phrases that run across all four fingers
  • Images or phrases that is complementary of the other

Ancient Symbols

Couples are also using symbols that were common in the ancient times but have only become popular among Goths nowadays. These symbols, however, play an important part (not to mention interesting) in ancient culture

  • OM – mother of all mantras that represent 4 important states of our beings: awake, dreaming, sleeping and in trance
  • Bindu – circle with a dot. The ring symbolizes the man and the dot symbolized the woman, together, it is a union of man and woman
  • Ankh – symbolizes eternal life

With this type of wedding ring, it seems that your options are limited only by your imagination rings. Wedding ring tattoos are permanent, unique and fashionable. You won’t even have to worry about losing it because it’s permanently attached. So, if you’re the adventurous type and you’re sure that your relationship will last a lifetime or maybe even beyond, go for the wedding ring tattoos.


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Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot

Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings

Om Symbol

Om Symbol

Wedding Ring Tattoo Customized Design

Wedding Ring Tattoo Customized Design

Wedding Ring Tattoo Bible Verse

Wedding Ring Tattoo Bible Verse(112187)