The engagement ring has been purchased and now rests proudly on the finger of the bride-to-be. The plans have been finalized and the only thing left to do is purchase the wedding rings for the happy couple. This is something that may have been completed at the time the engagement ring was bought, but in many cases they decide to leave this until all other plans have been finalized. The bride may want a wedding ring that matches her engagement ring and something in a similar style for the groom.


Many couples choose to design their own wedding rings and have them made by the jeweler. In this case, the jeweler is going to need the design well in advance of the wedding. This will allow enough time for any modifications to be made so that the rings are ready when they are needed. Couples who choose to do this find that the rings have a much more special meaning to them, and take pride in that fact. Some include engravings or symbols that portray special moments in the courtship, and many include dates and words of love and commitment inside the band.


There are many men who choose to wear a simple band as a wedding ring. These are available in different widths and may be white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Many times they are men who have never worn jewelry and just prefer the more simple style. It is a matter of personal taste and preference as to what kind of ring is chosen. Plain, unadorned wedding rings are classic and timeless and never go out of "style." The bride may choose one to match, or decide on a wedding ring that completely suits her personality.


Many times the engagement and wedding ring may be purchased as a set. In fact, often times both wedding rings may be included. This may be fine for some couples, but others may want to wear something completely different. Talk to the jeweler who can offer advice and suggestions and show you the different wedding rings they carry. Many times the shop will carry exactly what the couple is looking for in stock and sizing is the only thing to have done.


No matter what type or style of wedding ring is chosen, the symbol of love and commitment remains the same. The band signifies continued, never ending love and is a sign of the potent meaning of marriage and the vows the couple have taken together. No matter which style of wedding ring is chosen, the meaning remains the same throughout life.