Having a checklist of your wedding supplies is a must. You must carefully double check each wedding necessities so you will not miss out on anything for your wedding day.

You can choose to have a wedding planner to help you cut some time for you wedding preparations; you will need to spend a bit more of course but it's also worth it, so can focus on other important things as you keep track of your wedding progress.

But if you are so much into saving and you think you have lots of spare time to spend for your wedding preparations, you can skip the wedding planner idea and organize the wedding yourself.

First thing to do is to know what theme you will choose to have. When you already chose the theme, stick with it and get crafty right away if your wedding is due in a month or two. Don't just sit down there and think that there is still tomorrow because even though there really is one, time ticks away and you might end up cramming for your wedding day! Can you imagine the wrinkled forehead, saggy eye bags and crow lines at the end tips of your beautiful eyes? Certainly not! Right? Believe me when your wedding arrives and you don't have enough rest, the stress will really show on your face, and the saddest part is, no make-up can hide swollen or saggy eye bags. Sure you can try to use concealers, but stress will steal your moment!

Second, make a detailed checklist and indicate your theme and include the place for your honeymoon on it. You need to think about the honeymoon too so you can properly set your budget with the help of checklist.

Third, choose the materials that you will need for the wedding theme you chose and make sure you double check before you proceed to next step.

Fourth, search the worldwide web or roam downtown to search for novelty stores that offer great discounts for wedding supplies and necessities like custom wedding cake toppers, wedding gown, wedding suit, wedding attires, rings, favors for wedding, and other accessories so you can maximize your savings. Make sure you order in bulks so you can ask Mr. Friendly store owner to give you a huge discount.

Fifth, rent chairs and tables to use for your wedding reception. This is a must, so please don't settle with the table and chairs you have in your house as it might not be enough for the guests that will arrive. You don't want to see a guest standing in your wedding reception right? Besides, renting tables and chairs from a shop will cut you expenses with buying linens, tissue papers and utensils as it usually comes along with the rental package.