There are a few advantages in naming your wedding tables, rather than going with the conventional numbering system.

  • One is that no one will get offended by being on table 19 when they think they are "really table 3 kind of people."
  • There can be no superstition about where you place your guests with a named table.
  • You have a great opportunity to stamp your own mark on the wedding in a way that won't cost you any more money - a rare feat indeed.
  • It can be a great talking point for guests.

Now you don't need any more convincing what a great plan this is, we'll get started with some great wedding table name ideas.

Keep It Personal

Alabama table nameCredit:'m starting with this area of keeping things personal as it has the most scope and is likely to really get you thinking; even if you don't pick one of these ideas specifically.

Choosing places that are appropriate to you as a couple are great table name ideas. Where you grew up, where you first met, your first holiday, first home, pets you have together etc, are good places to start.

What hobbies or interests do you have? A music fan could choose great songs from their favorite band. A Petrolhead might choose classic cars.  Or turn to sport which is a minefield of brilliant table names. Football - great wedding table name ideaCredit:

A football fan might choose famous football players from their club, rugby fans could choose rugby positions. Formula 1 race tracks, top cricket grounds, or famous golfers might also be others to consider. The great thing about these too, is that you can have rugby, football, or car shapes to have the table names printed on.

Movies you've seen together is also another cute idea to think about. Or if there is a particular film or TV show you like pick characters from that for names - Sci Fi is great for this; who wouldn't want to sit on the Han Solo table?

Go the Location Route

English CastleCredit: is quite a common approach to naming tables that has a certain air of sophistication about it. Choose local towns or villages as table names, or be more specific with rivers or local landmarks.

Take it as far wide as you wish to make sure you have enough names, or merely choose something like historical houses or castles as your theme; casting your net across the country for suitable names is entirely allowed!

Beaches, islands and flower names are also ideas in this arena that you can use.

Keep It Memorable

Another way to approach the naming of your wedding tables is to remember those people that have meant a lot to you, but that aren't able to celebrate in your special day.Famil Tree - Great Idea for a Wedding Table NameCredit:

This is more likely to be grandparents, or relatives you have loved and have passed away, but can also incorporate those who physically can't be there for other reasons. You might also want to include a picture of them, some memorable quotes, or even funny stories. This is a great way to get conversation going between guests too.

Those with a bent for history might prefer to go further back in time and add a family tree to each table, with each table representing a particular branch of the tree. Again old photos, if you have them look good on the table, along with stories or details of what that person did for a living and so on.

Make It Charitable

Salvation army logoCredit: won't be to everyone's tastes, but this is a good way of getting around the wedding presents problem (to list or not to list) as well as naming tables if you so wish.

Pick charitable causes and give them the honor of being a table name at your wedding. In the center of the table you might care to have a decorative post box where guests can mail envelopes with a charitable donation.

I love this idea as it solves a couple of problems as well as doing something for others on your special day.

Famous Couples

Love is in the air, so carry that theme through to your wedding tables.

Great couples to choose are:Homer and Marge Famous CoupleCredit:

  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Han & Leia
  • Liz & Richard
  • Adam & Eve
  • Barbie & Ken
  • Angelina & Brad
  • John & Yoko
  • Bert & Ernie
  • Lucille & Desi
  • Marilyn & Joe
  • Elvis & Priscilla
  • Fred & Wilma
  • Homer & Marge

There are plenty more to choose from, or of course you could choose couples in the family - famous to you!

A Few More to Think About

The following ideas are really broad, so there should be something here to keep everyone happy:

  • Cocktail namesArtist Wedding Table NameCredit:
  • Colors of the rainbow
  • Famous paintings or artists
  • Back to Nature - Birds, butterflies, or tree names
  • Cartoon characters
  • Street names or landmarks of New York
  • Monopoly board
  • Superheroes

That concludes our journey of exploring wedding table name ideas, and I really hope that you have found something that appeals to you. If you have any more suggestions to add to this article then I'd love to hear from you!