It’s the time you have been waiting for all of your life. You have gotten engaged to the man of your dreams, the wedding planning is in full swing, you have your wedding shower, your bachelor or bachelorette party, and finally the wedding! Who knew the time would go by this fast?! In the midst of so many exciting events, there is one thing that many brides (and grooms) don’t seem to think about. Thank you cards! While the thank you cards are absolutely necessary, it can be an extremely overwhelming task. Here are a few tips that may be helpful when writing wedding thank you notes. These tips can be used for any thank you note (bridal/wedding shower or wedding).

Put together a timeline and stick to it.
Let’s face it, looking at a list of 100 thank you cards that need to be written may appear as though it is going to take forever. Especially since there are time restrictions; many say you have 2 weeks for wedding shower thanks you notes and 3 months to one year for wedding thank you notes. Instead of looking at the full list, simply breaking out the list and working towards a smaller goal may make the task seem much more achievable. For example, having a list of 10 thank you cards to write each night (and don’t look at the entire list of 100 – it will only stress you out!). If you reach your goal of 10 per night, you will be done in 10 days. Much more manageable, isn’t it?! If we can reach the small goal each night, we will be that much closer to putting all of these new gifts to great use!

Have your fiancé/husband lend  a helping hand.
Didn’t think it was possible? Of course it is! If their penmanship is lacking and they can’t help with writing the notes, have them stuff and stamp the envelopes. It may not be as big a task of actually writing the cards, but at least it gets your fiancé involved and feeling like they are part of the team!

Key point to reference in each thank you note.
Be sure to mention the gift you received, and how you plan to use it.

Example 1:
Dear <Insert Name>,
Thank you so much for your generous gift! The Cuisinart blender was at the top of our “wants” list. Since we love to make smoothies each morning, we will definitely put it to good use! 
It was wonderful to see you at our wedding shower. Thank you for coming, and thanks again for your thoughtfulness. We are looking forward to celebrating with you in a few months at the wedding!
With Love,
<Insert Name>

Example 2:
Dear <Insert Name>,
Thank you so much for your generous gift! We are going to add it to our savings and use it for a down payment on a new home. It’s exciting to know that we are that much closer to our goal! Please know how much we appreciate it!
It was wonderful to see you at our wedding. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you for coming, and thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
With love.
<Insert name>

Last, and most important, try to have fun with it!
Try to relax; writing thank you notes doesn’t have to be so serious! As much as you want to get them done as soon as possible, you might as well enjoy writing them. If you feel up to it, why not open a bottle of wine and toast to thank you notes!