How would you like to have your wedding preparations stress-free? To turn the must-do tasks into enjoyable and memorable events with peace of mind?

If your answers yes, you would need an effective timeline checklist that would smoothly guide you through the whole process. If your answer is yes, the following timeline checklist will help you save much time and money as you complete each stage of the planning in a timely manner. The checklist will help your feel peace of mind and joy from all the fun hussles of the wedding planning. Exactly as it should be! This timeline checklist is simple to follow. It will enable you to make arrangements with multiple attendants, wedding professionals and guests smoothly and keep everyone properly informed and organized for the wedding.

Wedding Timeline Checklist - 12 Month Before:

1. Announce your engagement to your friends and family
2. Make decision about the style of the wedding: where do you envision the event to happen? what time of the year? how many guests would you like to invite? would you enjoy a more traditional style wedding or would you like to add some theme to it to spice things up?
3. Set your budget and decide on the size of the guest list.
4. Research and reserve suitable ceremony and reception venues.
5. Determine the date and time of your event.
6. Consult with caterers, florist, photographer, musicians and other professionals and book suitable services
7.  Select your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other guests of honor

Wedding Timeline Checklist - 9 Months Before:

1. Choose your wedding dress and accessories. Decide on wedding colors. Select bridesmaids’ dresses.
2. Finalize selection of the wedding professionals such as photographer, videographer, chef, etc…
3. Obtain full contact information for the guest list, including full name and address
4. Arrange for wedding rehearsal. Decide who to invite
5. Decide on and make reservations for the honeymoon. Meet with travel consultant if desired.
6. Order wedding rings

Wedding Timeline Checklist - 6 Months Before:

1. Select the style of invitation and place an order along with enclosures and additional personal stationary.
2. Select and reserve groom’s wedding attire.
3. Notify attendees of the rehearsal event.
4. Assist with any arrangements for out-of-town guests.
5. Enroll for bridal gift registries.

Wedding Timeline Checklist - 3 Months Before:

1. Choose gifts for attendants
2. Apply for and obtain your marriage license
3. Plan pre-wedding activities.

Wedding Timeline Checklist - 1 Months Before:

1. Send out wedding invitations
2. Finalize the fitting of your wedding dress
3. Arrange for seating plans at the wedding reception
4. Finalize honeymoon arrangements
5. Confirm the attendants attires are in order
6. Arrange for necessary address and name changes.

Wedding Timeline Checklist – Final Week:

1. Confirm rehearsal plans with all the attendants
2. Arrange necessary final touches with the wedding professionals
3. Determine the list of the ”must-have” photos for the wedding day
4.  Discuss final arrangements with the attendants regarding attire, when and where to assemble as well as details regarding transportationTry to turn each of the tasks on wedding timeline checklist into fun activities that bring bonding, fun and great memories to you and your fiance as you plan for the event!

Enjoy your wedding preparations with peace of mind and have a happy everafter!