Being considered as an attendee at weddings is wonderful, but at times you'll find that you are unable to be the guest in a wedding due to some unforeseen problems. It maybe you have a sick parent or even a upcoming engagement that you cannot cancel. Still, if you're related to the pair and you can't attend the wedding, you need to have a wedding present delivered to the happy pair so that you can show your support.

Nevertheless, one ponderance remains, what is the right offering to give if you won't manage to get to the wedding? This is a huge question and it is ultimately the invited person's choice if he or she opts to give a gift or not. If you are not attending the occasion, you have to decide for yourself - whether you want to give a gift or not.

The most proper gift that one can offer rests on the individual relationships. If you are closely related to the couple and you expect to be unable to attend, then you really should offer a gift to compensate for your absence. But, if you are just an acquaintance or co-worker, you can merely answer the invitation and inform them of the fact that you'll have to miss the event.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to advise the bride and groom that you can't come to the gathering, and to have a plausible reason. It is crucial to offer a sound reason for celebrating the life-altering event in someone's life.

That's the reason people typically put RSVP on their invitation. This is the French way to ask people to reply to the message as soon as can be managed to let the couple know if they will attend or not.

As for the wedding present, sometimes people also get gift cards to the happy couple so that they can afford to celebrate their nuptials at a select place, often a spa or a restaurant.

As an alternative, if you know you'll miss the joyous event, you may look into making a video message to relay your congratulations to the couple, and also share the reason why you had to miss the big occasion. Believe me, it will delight the couple and they certainly will remember this gesture.

You can also send a greeting card to the newlyweds, just be certain that the note you write is honest and heartfelt. To do something unusual, you can employ a local band and make it look like a singing telegram to stand out and be remembered. Unique things like that can embellish their big event as well, and your place will be elevated in their hearts. You can also give common wedding presents.

There are many ways to atone for not being at the wedding and it is your decision for sure, but be kind and let people know beforehand that you can't come, and the reason for that. You can pick gift coupons, greeting cards, or hired out messages, but remember to just let them know that you are unable to make it to the wedding, and why.