Lake Tahoe has already been described as the perfect getaway for the rest of your life. It symbolizes all the endings and the beginnings in your life. It will remind you of the careless yesterdays, the unadulterated fun that lead you to the beautiful life you are about to face. Then there are corners within the woods, underneath the clear sky, by the tree, and in the midst of the water when you will feel nature guiding you on to the next chapter of your life.

Timber Cove in Lake Tahoe is one of those places. This is the places to go to when you want your past and your future to meet to celebrate your present.

The Ceremony

There are more than enough options for a setting for your wedding in Timber Cove.

The Beach is the place to go if you want to feel the sand on your feet as you are about to meet the man of your dreams or the kind of groom that wants nature as the witness in the exchange of your vows, then do it here by the lake with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range surrounding you. 

Beachfront Patio is the perfect one if you want to walk the smooth paved stone surface but still enjoy the view of the lake.

The Longest Pier gives you the chance to wed on the clearest water in California with a dock that extends 1000 feet over the water. The downside is that only up to 20 people can witness the ceremony.

The Capella Del Lago, on the other hand, is an indoor chapel on the second floor of the main lodge. It’s a small one and only up to 30 people can be present but it does offer a more sacred ceremony.

The Chardonnay Room is also an indoor venue which offers a higher level of elegance as it offers a wide view of the pool and hotel grounds and a glimpse of the lake and the surrounding mountain range.

The Food

Their chef, Kristin Mozzochi, can accommodate any request you may have including a vegan or vegetarian meal but food tasting may not be possible. You may have to dine in to be able to decide if you like what they are offering. The Blue Water Bistro and Mama's Red Tomato accommodate up to 50 people and are within the Timber Cove property. The good thing is that there are other nearby restaurants that you can go to if you want other options or if you have a bigger crowd.

The Reception

Inn by the Lake. Their garden can accommodate up to 25 people. For 100 people, you can go inside and have an intimate and sumptuous meal.

The Tep’s Villa Roma has been serving fine Italian Cuisine and Seafood for over 34 years. Even the architecture evokes of the “Grandfather” era. You can even taste the freshness of your greens in you soup and salad. Their rolls are homemade and so are their garlic sticks.

In Riva Grill, you get to experience lakefront dining as the sun sets splashing the whole place with thundering orange, yellow, blue, and green. It’s the most spectacular sky color you will ever see and sitting in a mahogany dining room will turn your reception into a sacred celebration to your new beginning.

The Fresh Ketch is the local staple for great food, great drinks, and great entertainment. Everything they serve is fresh, from fish to red meat to salads to soups.

The Passaretti’s is a Tahoe classic. They have a pine interior that will give your celebration a more laid back feeling. You can choose their small, medium or large room each with a quaint and warm atmosphere.

The Amenities

You have the entire Lake Tahoe with all its amenities: Golf Courses, Horse Back Riding, Marinas & Boat Rentals, Water Sports, River Rafting, Beaches & Parks, Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Camping & RV's, Skiing & Snowboarding, Shopping and Spas, Snowmobiling, Sledding & Tubing, Adventure Tours, Casinos, Massage & Spas, and Festivals.

The Service

Their staff is experienced and friendly. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to ask for things. They will have everything ready for you even before you know you need it.


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