There are many wedding venues for you too use in Pocatello Idaho. You have the traditional wedding venues such as the various churches but there are also many other cool venues. Whether you want a traditional indoor wedding or a casual outdoor wedding, you can fin the perfect wedding venue in Pocatello Idaho.

Ross Park
Historic Ross Park, home of the Pocatello Zoo, may be a venue you want to use for an outdoor wedding. Summers are busy and between the skate park, the kid's park, the zoo, and the swimming center there will be many people there. If a heavily populated outdoor wedding venue does not turn you off then Ross Park may be a great wedding Venue for you too use if you are looking to get married in Pocatello, Idaho.

Booth Barn
The Booth Barn has proven to be a popular venue for many event including weddings. The Booth Barn can be rented out for a wedding. Western themed weddings are very popular to people who get married at the Booth Barn in Pocatello, Idaho.

Moonlight Mountain Lodge

Up Pocatello Creek is the location of the Moonlight Mountain Bed and Breakfast. At the Moonlight Mountain Bed and Breakfast you can have your wedding venue in the beautiful mountains surrounding Pocatello, Idaho.

Moonlight Mountain Bed and Breakfast is a great venue to get married in. You can get an all inclusive package that will cover not only your wedding but also a few nights stay at there rustic styled bed and breakfast.

LDS Churches
There are a large number of churches in Pocatello but the LDS religion is the most predominant. You can find LDS chapels all over Pocatello. The LDS church will allow you to get married in there church. You do not have to be a Mormon to use their facilities.

By using an indoor venue such as an LDS Church you will not have to worry about rain, snow, wind, bugs, or seating.

If you do have an outdoor wedding then talk with one of the LDS churches and they can usually loan you a large number of folding chairs if you need them.

Ameritel Inn
The Ameritel Inn can be used for an indoor wedding venue. The Ameritel Inn in Pocatello is a great wedding venue. It is just off the interstate making it extremely easy for out of town visitors too find. The Ameritel Inn also can house all of your wedding guests if the need a room.

The Ameritel Inn in Pocatello is well staffed by friendly people and the hotels interior is very clean and safe.

Red Hill
Red Hill located on the Idaho State University Campus is an awesome place for an outdoor wedding that overlooks the city. It is complete with Roman style arches and a path to the top.

If you want a unique outdoor wedding with a spectacular view then take a drive up too Red Hill.

Pocatello Super Speedway
Out by the airport is the race track. If you are a hardcore racing enthusiast as well as your fiancée, then you can arrange a quick and not traditional wedding at the Speedway.

At intermission you could pay to get married on the track as the race fans watch from the bleachers. If you want a quick and "dirty" wedding check out the Pocatello Super Speedway for a very untraditional; wedding venue.

If you have no friends but would still like a large turnout then get married at the Pocatello Super Speedway racetrack on race night during intermission.

Pebble Creek
Pebble Creek is a popular place to go downhill snow skiing in the winter time. Pebble Creek can also be utilized as an outdoor wedding venue in the summertime.

Pebble Creek is a short drive from Pocatello. The scenery surrounding Pebble Creek is a gorgeous mountain setting perfect for a western themed wedding.

Black Swan Inn
The Black Swan Inn is a themed hotel in Pocatello, Idaho. The Black Swan Inn features a different theme for each of their rooms. The suites available are the:

  • Arabian Nights Suite
  • Atlantis Under The Sea Suite
  • Black Swan Garden Suite
  • Caveman Suite
  • Egyptian Suite
  • Enchanted Forest Suite
  • Jungle Falls Suite
  • Mayan Rain Forest
  • Pirates Suite
  • Rocky Mountain Cabin Suite
  • Rome and Juliet Suite 1
  • Romeo and Juliet Suite 2
  • Sea Cave Suite
  • Tropical Paradise Suite
  • Wild West Suite

Regardless of where you get married at the Black Swan Inn is a fun and romantic place to stay. You can visit their website to learn more about there Suites and too see pictures of each themed suite.

Joulet Plaza
The Joulet Plaza in Pocatello can arrange an all inclusive wedding. The Joulet Plaza can host not only the actual wedding ceremony but also the after wedding reception.

The Joulet Plaza can also set you up with a bridal gown and fitting. The Joulet Plaza building looks good but their website sucks. Do not let the website fool you, they do a lot better job with wedding planning then they do with HTML.

Pocatello is a popular place to get married at. There are countless venues for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The Gate City is a great town with a lot of lodging options for rout of town visitors to your wedding.

If you want a simple outdoor wedding then talk with one of the locals. Many back yard weddings have occurred over the years in Pocatello.

Within 45 minutes of Pocatello you have a huge, vast and diverse landscaping. From high desert regions, lava flows, lakes, rivers, and mountains- you will be able to find the venue just right for your outdoor wedding.

If you prefer an indoor wedding Pocatello has many friendly locals who will gladly help you too plan the wedding of your dreams.

The western heritage lifestyle is present in many weddings where the bridal couple adorns Wrangler Jeans and Stetson cowboy hat instead of tuxedos and bridal gowns. If you are looking for a simple, laidback wedding venue then take a look at Pocatello.

The diversity of the wedding venues available will allow even the pickiest of future mother in-laws to feel comfortable in the wedding venue selection process.

Pocatello is a growing city with a lot too offer couples who want to not only get married in Pocatello but also to reside there. Image Credit: (Flickr/The G-Tastic 7)