If you have ever video taped a wedding, you know that a good camera is essential, but music is also very importnant to the end product. Music is what sets the mood to your wedding video. If you go to YouTube you will see thousands of wedding videos and many of them have some really cool music! The footage in the video will even match beats in the music, if the producers are good. So how do you find good wedding video songs? Let’s consider a couple of things about good couple songs.

Make It Legal

If you notice a lot of youtube marriage songs  are mainstream songs. This means that you probably have heard them on the radio or your iPod. The problem with this is you can get in big trouble with the record companies if you haven’t paid for all the royalty fees. The artists of the song want to get paid. Generally, you can get away with this (though not recommended), but if you ever want to make money off of the video, you’ll need to make sure you are legal, or you could get sued!

The best way to do this is use “royalty free music.” Royalty free music means that you can use it any way that you would like without paying any more fees that what you already paid for the initial product.

Background Music
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Be Affordable

Obviously, you don’t want to pay lots of money for your video, or you won’t make any money off the job. There are several ways that you can get a good wedding song for cheap.

  1. You can make your own wedding video music using Garage Band or other software. You can use the sound effects and record music from a piano or guitar.
  2. You can buy CDs and DVDs that have preloaded royalty free music. There are many places out there that would have good wedding video songs.
  3. The third, and probably the most convenient, is to buy a membership with an online Royalty Free company. Some of these companies are expensive, but some that are not too bad. Some you buy by the song and others give you full access to all their files for a monthly fee. That’s the way to go! Here are some suggested sites.
    1. www.videoblocks.com
    2. www.shockwave-sound.com

Be Ever Tasteful

This part is mostly up to you because you are the artist! It’s up to you to find what fits your wedding video. It’s best to match it with a good theme. For example, if it is a tropical wedding, you’ll want some music that fits it. It would be a good idea to come up with a list of wedding songs that you have found from your collection and narrow it down to the best ones.

Now that you know how to find legal, affordable and tasteful wedding video songs, go and make your videos stand out!

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This Video was done with Royalty Free Music