Back in the 70's when video quality was still poor, people used film to capture videos for weddings and other events. Now that the digital era is flourishing at its peak, more and more people are engaging in videography. Lots of professionals engage in the video industry to take part on people's special events, capture it on video and most importantly earn from it.

A good wedding videography professional has techniques that amateurs don't. They know how to get the three lighting angles to ensure a video captured perfectly. The difference between a video produced by an amateur and a professional videographer is really noticeable. As couples to be wed, you must be cautious in choosing your wedding videographer so that you can keep your wonderful wedding memory in a video that is worth watching over and over again.

Since you will be showing your wedding video to your friends, relatives, children and grandchildren, you must be very picky in choosing the right wedding videographer that will capture your romantic moment of "I do". Remember that you cannot re-take the wedding event so settling for amateurs is a big no-no! Professional wedding videographers may cause a bit much than the amateurs but the price is definitely worth it!

In choosing a videographer for wedding videography you must check their video samples and see if is a great difference between the bright side and darker side of the subject's face, if the nose shadow is too deep, if the eyes are not lit clearly, if people wearing glasses has annoying glares captured on video and if there is a blurred background light. You must take your time in screening their video samples. Don't just believe what they say because these people are businessmen, they will assure they're good because you're a client and you mean money to them!

The above mentioned key points are essential in choosing wedding videographer because if those flaws appear on their previous videos then your video will end up in the same amateur pit at the end of the event.

Professional videographers know light effects better than the amateurs. They carefully mix the fill light, the key light and the back light techniques. They position the light effects carefully, thus, ensuring perfection for your wedding video.

If the lights are not positioned precisely where it should be, the effect will have unwanted shadows showing in your video. Problems with backlighting will cause glare on cameras and shadows on the subject's face and shoulder. If these flaws will be evident in your video after the wedding there will be nothing else that you can do but frown on a certainly not pretty site! So be choosy and don't just care about your savings. Think wisely! Remember it's a good idea to have a wedding video to capture the decor such as wedding reception centerpiece ideas that you created and your guests enjoying the good party music at the reception.