The Best Men's Wedding Waistcoats

Formal Waistcoast For A Wedding

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The men's wedding waistcoat is an extremely popular option for grooms in modern weddings. The formal groom's waistcoat is a great clothing option for a number of reasons. They are attractive, comfortable and functional. They provide extra pockets for important things to keep track of (like rings!), and they add an extra element of formality that can differentiate the groom from everyone else wearing a suit at the ceremony.

This article is intended to teach you a bit more about formal waistcoats. Heed this advice, and you'll be sure to be the most dashing groom at your wedding ceremony!

Men's Formal Wedding Waistcoats

Formal Waistcoats And The Groom

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The formal waistcoat is basically a formal vest that is worn over the dress shirt, but sits underneath the suit jacket. It provides an extra element of layering, color and texture. It's a good idea to wear a formal waistcoat if you're the groom, because it can differentiate you from other men wearing suits at the wedding, including the wedding party. Sometimes all of the groomsmen will wear wedding waistcoats, but the groom will wear a different color from the rest in order to stand out.

A good strategy is to use the color of the mens wedding waistcoat to accentuate your chosen colors in the wedding. The vest can match the color of your tie, or other elements in the wedding, such as the bouquet, flowers, accent colors or even your shoes. 

As a bonus, the formal wedding waistcoat adds a slimming effect to the groom. Men with a bit of a spare tire will appreciate this! It creates a manly silhouette with straight lines, and adds emphasis to the shoulders. Yet another added bonus: with a wedding waistcoat, you won't have to be as careful ironing your shirt!

Wedding Waistcoat: Where To Find It

Formal Waistcoast For A Groom

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A formal wedding waistcoat can be found at most formalwear retail outlets. Formal waistcoats are pretty common these days, and they may be overtaking tuxedos as the formal option of choice for modern weddings. Like wedding suits to hire, a wedding waistcoat can be rented from some of these locations for a quite reasonable rate, especially if you're renting a whole suit at the same time. 

You can also check online for wedding waistcoats. They don't typically come in a huge variety of sizes, usually just small, medium, large and XL, so don't be too worried about sizing concerns (it doesn't have to be a perfect fit). A formal waistcoat is designed to fit fairly snugly despite differences in body type. You might just want to get measurements for length, some can be a bit short. 

The Groom and the Waistcoat

Formal Wedding Waistcoats For Your Big Day

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Some issues you might run into with wedding waistcoats are as follows. You might want to reconsider the wedding waistcoat if your wedding is pretty informal. They add an extra layer of formality, so it might look a bit out of place in a 'casual' wedding ceremony.

You might also reconsider if your wedding is taking place in a really warm location, in summer or a hot venue. The added layer of clothing will get pretty hot after a short while. However, a wedding waistcoat does present you with the option of removing your suit jacket and still looking fairly formal.

Of course, if you're renting a wedding waistcoat, you'll want to be careful with mess, food and pins. You'll have to buy it if it gets damaged!

Good Luck!

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