So, it's in your hands now! You are officially responsible for planning your best friend's wedding. This obviously means that now you hold the power to either make her day the most memorable one of her life or bring her worst nightmare too close to reality. You know she trusts you with everything, and you would not dare to disappoint her. But do you even know where to start from?
Pamper the Bride

Before you jump to planning and shopping for the big day, you need to sit and talk to the bride. It's very important for you to understand in detail what sort of a wedding she has in her mind. If you plan on giving her some major undesirable surprises on her big day, chances are that she might end up hating you for the rest of her life. This is also a time when she must be stuck up on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Give her enough pampering to calm her down. You are someone she needs the most at this point in her life, so don't ditch her.

Shop till your feet hurt
Isn't being someone's Maid of Honor an honor itself? The responsibility of accompanying the bride for her dress shopping is on your pretty shoulders. There will be so many choices to be made and so many dresses to choose from. Remember that Brides get super sensitive about their wedding dress, so try not to lead her into buying something experimental, or something she would ultimately regret wearing on the big day. Be candid if you find something wrong with her selection. It will also be one of your duties to shop for all bridesmaids, so be sure to get all of them to go shopping with you so that you can get their dresses fitted right.

Be a Party Person
Ok, so even if you have not been much of a social butterfly all through your life, you need to become one now. Weddings are all about partying and mingling. You must actively participate in bringing every single soul who means anything to your friend together under one roof for some very delicious times. You will need to plan pre-wedding parties like your bride's hen party, bridal shower and few dinners. Make sure you send invitations to all the people on the guest lists or it will leave a bad taste in their mouth.
Toast and Dance
When the wedding day arrives, you must make sure of setting everything perfect. Check out all the arrangements for decorations, food and the bridal cake. And in between all other important work that needs to be done, don't forget to keep complimenting the bride over her beautiful looks and her lovely dress. This will boost her self esteem and she will remember your kindness forever. During the ceremony, be a good friend and offer her an authentic and heart warming toast, hold her bouquet and dance with her guests after the vows.

You are now qualified to be a very pleasant Maid of honor!