So the big day is coming and everything is in order. The dress, the food, the reception hall, the tuxedos, the church and all the flowers. But there is one thing that is commonly overlooked, that is the wedding favors. Every good wedding has good wedding favors or gifts to the guests. Another question that comes with the wedding favors which are typically candies or small memento trinkets is what you should distribute them in. Leaving them lying flat on the table could be a mess or things could get lost. Things are also easily miscounted that way. Do you put them in sandwich bags? No, too tacky. Do you put them in brown paper bags? No, too 2nd grade class party. Do you just hand them out individually? No, too much work and definitely not on your wedding day.

The answer is organza bags. The organza gift bags are beautiful wedding gift bags that are usually made out of lace but are most times made of nylon or acrylic fibers. They are just the right sizes for wedding favors and are usually sealed with a ribbon or some other kind of decorative binding material. They sit artfully at each place in the table and with the bags and the amount of items per bag it is easy to count and keep up with the quantities sparing you of the problem of having leftovers or falling short. You never want the falling short part to happen because usually when you find out that you are missing the necessary items it is too late to order more, to go back and sort through everything again or to run out to the store to buy more. This just sounds like a tragedy in itself.

These lovely items can be made if you have the right fabric or material, the necessary time, and a good sewing machine. If you prefer not to make them yourself which is the common choice, you can always go and buy them where the products are sold. This is usually in crafting stores or sewing stores but you may have a chance at finding them in other department stores or super centers. Party stores and wedding stores may also carry and sell them as well. They are usually very inexpensive and can be found packed into mass quantities per selection. Make your special day a day to remember.