The wedding season has started and you still haven't found that perfect piece of wedding day bridal jewelry that will match your dream wedding dress? Here are some advices how to select the perfect jewelry combination that not only will correspond to your bridal gown, but will also be a nice choice to use later, for other not so formal occasions.

If you have selected a gown with deeper décolleté, you should probably also choose a flexible form of necklace, for example, made of 14k yellow gold and adorned with Swarovski cubic zirconia gemstones. This type of necklace will perfectly harmonize with all types of champagne or beige wedding dresses. You should not forget to complement the necklace with earrings and bracelet of the same type, which will be perfect details to be used at some later time along with a nice little black dress.

When selecting bridal jewelry, have in mind that black gold is gaining popularity nowadays. This season in Italy we were able to witness how the most modern jewelry is being made out of black gold. If you decide to buy such a dominant necklace and earrings, you should choose a simpler and elegant bridal gown, and make your hair fall down. If your necklace is made of 14k gold or white gold, but it comes with pendants of black gold, you can remove them later on, and wear them together with jeans, for example. You can also attach them to your bracelet, which is these days very popular.

Matte white gold is probably today's most popular choice for bridal jewelry. It is difficult to say exactly why, but most likely the popularity has to do with the excellent match of this metal with simpler white wedding dresses, as well as with the ultra modern ones adorned with geometric details.
Tiny earrings can perfectly accompany this setup if you put your hair up. If one can afford it, my choice for matte white gold necklace would be earrings made of white opal stones. Matte white gold jewelry invites some more elegant dress codes if you are going to use them afterward.

Finally, it is certainly well known that diamonds are always highly appreciated by women. White gold with diamonds has remained until these days choice number one when we speak about wedding bridal jewelry. However, these tiny sparkling stones aren't always affordable due to their high cost. If possible, I would suggest selecting a simpler bridal necklace with only a several diamonds over a rich one with many cubic zirconia stones.

Your wedding rings need not be made of only one gemstone of the same type. In any case, depending on your choice of bridal dress and other jewelry, I would suggest either diamond gemstones, topaz stones, and even maybe green amethyst gemstone ring combined with diamonds. Pretty popular wedding rings today are the ruby, sapphire and blue topaz rings. Again, the choice rests with you and your ability to combine and match together various types of clothing designs and wedding day bridal jewelry pieces.