The first thing most brides think about when they get engaged is what their wedding dress is going to look like. (But if we're being honest, most of us have been thinking about our wedding dress since we were little girls!)

The dress is such an important part of the big day, from the moment you will put it on in the shop till the moment you first walk into the church and everyone's eyes are on you. Here are a few tips to finding that perfect dress that I have picked up from finding mine.

  • Take a couple of people with you for shopping, i took my mum, mother in law to be and maid of honour. I found it helpful having different opinions from each of them and found they all picked out different styles to try. Most brides probably only take their mums and maid of honour or bridesmaids, but I recommend inviting your mother in law to be to get in her good books and make her feel more of an important part of the run up. 
  • Make sure you start dress shopping early on as most places can take up to six months to get the dress in and you should leave plenty of time for alterations.
  • Try on lots of different styles and dresses, even if it doesn't look right on the hanger, it could look completely different on you. I had found two I loved in one shop, went to another shop thinking I wouldn't find anything better, but tried on one my maid of honour picked out and immediately fell in love with it. I know it's hard but even if you have a picture in your head of what you want, make sure you go shopping with an open mind and try on different styles as you may be surprised!
  • Once you've found one you love, ask to try on a veil, tiara or anything else you might like to see what it all looks like together.
  • When you've decided on a dress, ask about suits as you might find they can offer you a discount if you hire or buy your suits from there too.

Good luck finding your dream dress, let me and the readers know of any other useful tips.
Happy shopping!