In the few weeks immediately before her wedding, there is plenty of mental strain for the soon-to-be bride to go through. Aside from the mother of the bride stressing her out, there are many and varied other tasks to attend to. If some of them go wrong or are not done properly, the biggest day of her life could be ruined.

Instead of being able to calmly prepare for her wedding day, the bride-to-be is kept in a constant state of excitement and stress until she is totally worn out! To avoid burnout and to make sure she enjoys the big day, the last few days should be set aside for peace and quiet. Perhaps the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids could book themselves into a spa to help ease the strain.

To make sure this can happen, all the big considerations should be taken care of well in advance – this is not an episode of don't tell the bride!

The Choice of the Bridesmaids

In some cases, this can be a difficult decision, and may create plenty of friction. The bride's sisters will usually come first. But, there may be a close school friend who has been promised the role. And, maybe the bride's sisters are neither very young or attractive. Then there's the problem of numbers – how many is too many? It can all become a big mess fairly quickly. If this does get to be a problem for you, one solution may be to have children as bridesmaids and to forget about the adults. On the other hand, if the would-be bridesmaids are not very attractive, it may be best to choose them – that way everyone's attention is sure to be on you!

Wedding Dress

For most brides, this will be the most important item on the shopping list. There are plenty of stores out there and plenty of wedding dresses. Picking the right store and wedding dress could get difficult. Wedding magazines and wedding fairs will help you choose the kind of wedding dress you want and the best place to get it. Most girls have an idea of what kind of wedding dress they want anyway. The important thing here is to go to a good store and to get a well made wedding dress. If you have friends who have been married recently, they may have suggestions of places to go and also those to avoid. The mother of the bride will no doubt also have her ideas and suggestions (as may the mother of the groom). Wedding dresses may seem expensive but this is your wedding day so don't feel bad!

The Bridesmaids' Dresses

Picking these is not an easy thing to do. Some bridesmaids won't suit strapless dress, others may not suit certain colours (others may look hideous in anything!). One thing to remember is that, while the bridesmaids should ideally feel comfortable in what they're wearing, ultimately it's your day and you're picking up the tab. So if you want them in mint green sequins, that's what you should go for. No doubt they will return the favour when they get married!

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is almost as important as the dress. Where will the photos be taken? What will the food be like? How many guests will it hold? Is there hotel accommodation nearby for wedding guests coming from afar? Is there a big enough dance floor? All of these things will have to be thought about before you take the plunge and book a wedding venue.

If you think about each of the points above and get these right, everything else will fall into place and your wedding will be magnificent – assuming you've picked the right groom ;-)