It is observed that some people show allergic reactions to rings and other forms of jewellery. Wedding Ring Dermatitis is a condition that occurs due to this type of allergic reaction. It may be in form of inflammation, irritation, redness, and itching and sometimes it may even take severe forms when not treated properly.

Wedding Ring Dermatitis is caused not by the wedding ring or any jewellery by itself but by the allergic reaction of the body to an element called Nickel, which is present in the alloy that goes into manufacture of jewellery. Nickel is a useful ingredient that hardens the product.

Not everyone suffers from Wedding Ring Dermatitis. It affects only those whose skin is sensitive to this element. The cases of Wedding Ring Dermatitis have been observed amongst those who sweat a lot, as their skin develops an allergy when this sweat comes in contact with the nickel.

Wedding Ring Dermatitis is best avoided by avoiding the use of jewellery that consists of nickel, especially amongst those who sweat more than the others do. In addition, one should not wear jewellery all the time. It is important to remove items like rings and bangles frequently so that the skin gets adequate opportunity to breath and sweat does not accumulate. This would generally be the first step to prevent the onset of Wedding Ring Dermatitis.

Wedding Ring Dermatitis is easily treatable and like any other disease that is an outcome of an allergic reaction, this too generally subsides when the source of allergy is removed. Therefore, it is important to realize that avoidance of jewellery items is the best way of avoiding Wedding Ring Dermatitis especially when someone is prone to nickel allergy. This can be found out by undergoing an allergen test at the hospital or by one's own observation.

The longer someone is in contact with nickel or any other element that causes allergy, the more are the chances of acquiring Wedding Ring Dermatitis.

Besides this, the existence of any other form of skin ailments like atopic dermatitis or eczema can cause Wedding Ring Dermatitis, especially if the tendency to sweat is high.

How to prevent Wedding Ring Dermatitis?

In case there is a necessity to wear items of jewellery on certain occasions and it is known that the skin is sensitive to nickel, certain precautions can be taken to reduce the risk of Wedding Ring Dermatitis. Measures like applying mild steroids before wearing the ring or any either piece of jewellery can be effective. In case someone wants to avoid frequent use of steroids, light application of nail enamel can also give short-term protection against Wedding Ring Dermatitis.

Treatment of Wedding Ring Dermatitis

Despite taking all precautions and preventive measures if it is noticed that the symptoms of Wedding Ring Dermatitis continue increasing in the form of inflammation, itching, redness, etc one can resort to application of certain external over-the-counter medication in the initial stages. Generally, an application of 1% hydrocortisone topical lotion helps in relieving symptoms. However, for complicated and more severe cases of Wedding Ring Dermatitis, it is advisable to seek professional help.