Apart from buying a house or a high end car, paying for your wedding will probably be the most expensive purchase of your life. You may not think so but when you add everything up, the total can be quite staggering.

There are some parts of the wedding that you can either you can do reduce the cost significantly.

Of course it isn’t wise to skimp on things like the photographer as the photos will stay with you for the years to come but there are other aspects where you can have a positive effect on the budget.

Bride and Groom

Reach Out to Friends

The most important tip is to reach out to your friends and family. Among your friends and family, you should have various people that will have a skill which can come in useful for the wedding day.

For example, you may have a friend who is into music in a big way. Maybe they can take care of the DJ work on the night.

You might think that asking a friend or family to ‘work’ on your wedding day is a bit too much to ask but you will probably find that most people will jump at the chance, especially if they really enjoy that particular hobby.

Do you know anyone that is good using a computer? Well get them involved as they can help you do all kinds of things and I’ve detailed some of them below.

Think About Your Skills

Along the same idea as reaching out to your friends, think about what skills you (and your fiancée) have from your work or hobbies.

Can any of these skills be used to reduce costs?

The Invites

You can save some money by making the invitations yourself.

This can be done on a computer (there are lots of programs which can be used for this) or you can make them the old fashioned way by using various craft materials.

Another tip regarding the invites is to ask guests to reply online or via phone. This will save on the postage costs (as some people include a stamped addressed envelope with the invite).

Create a Wedding Page Online

This tip may save you some of money and it can really help with the organisation side of things.

There are various websites online where you can create your own wedding page. It can be used for all kinds of things from uploading your photos to designing the seating plan.

I site I’ve used for this is Wedding Wire which has lots of these features.

Buy a Second Hand Wedding Dress

I know this may sound strange but you can save money by buying a second hand wedding dress. Think about it; people usually buy a brand new dress, wear it once then it sits in your wardrobe for years just gathering dust.

Well some people don’t do this; they actually sell the dress to various companies who then sell it to future brides at a significant reduced cost.

If you can save enough money on the dress to help afford something which was previously out of your budget then this idea may start to make sense to you.

If you look online you should be able to find a number of companies that are selling these.

Make the Decorations

The final tip is to make at least some of the decorations yourself. Unless you have lots of time on your hands, don’t get carried away and try to make everything.

Pick one part of the decorations (something that matches your skills) and try making a few test versions. Vary each test then go over with your fiancée to decide which one you both like best.