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My sister was married at the famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.  She loved the idea of getting married in the same chapel that had overseen the nuptials of many well known movie stars.  This quaint little chapel has been around for nearly 65 years, and has hosted many celebrity nuptials, including those of Joan Collins, Michael Jordon, Rita Hayworth, Patty Duke (twice), Paul Newman, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow as well as many others.  In fact, ceremonies at this charming location have even been viewed on television around the world.  The nice thing about this charming chapel is that most ordinary people can afford to be married there, too!

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Choice of Five Chapels

The little chapel is actually much larger than it appears from the outside, and has several venues from which to choose.  The main chapel is lavishly decorated with candles and artificial flowers, and comes equipped with traditional recorded wedding music.  In fact, there are so many artificial flowers that it may seem to be a  little "over the top."  However, this is part of the fun of getting married in Vegas!  This quaint little chapel seats up to 25 wedding guests.  Extra services, such as photographs or a DVD, can be purchased separately, or as part of a package.  This is a very affordable choice, since the price is based on the amenities you choose.

The Special Chapel of Promises is available with several different packages, starting at about $430 and going up to around $850.  This room can seat about 30 people, and the packages include flowers, photographs, a DVD and other souvenirs, depending on the package selected.

Chapel l’Amour has another wedding package for about $430.  This room also seats about 30 people or less and the package includes some photos, flowers and keepsakes of your wedding day.

The Crystal Chapel is a small, elegant room, ideal for intimate ceremonies with only 10-12 guests.  Prices vary, depending upon the services requested, such as the number of photos, etc.

One of the more unique venues at this location is their Tunnel of Love.  This is a drive-up window for those brides and grooms who are either handicapped or who prefer to stay in their car during the wedding ceremony.  Yes, you can be married in your car!  The Tunnel of Love has also accommodated wedding parties in limousines, or on motorcycles and even bicycles!  Some couples have even hired limos for the evening, just so they can use the drive up window to get married and then continue to use the car and driver as they explore Las Vegas.  The Tunnel of Love drive-up window is one of the most unique, yet romantic venues you will find in Las Vegas.  If you want a ceremony unlike anything you are likely to find in your hometown, this is certainly one choice to consider.

Finally, you can also have your ceremony in the outside Gazebo.  Or, if you prefer, after your wedding ceremony in one of the other chapels, you can step outside and use the gazebo for photographs.  This is nice, because it is an opportunity to take photos with your own camera, which is not allowed inside the chapels.

Wedding Ceremony Prices at the Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Considering how famous and unique this location is, weddings at this charming wedding venue can be quite affordable.  If you only want a simple wedding, with traditional music, and a non-denominational service, the fee starts at around $55.  When you add flowers, photos, a DVD and some keepsake items, prices can go up to as much as $830.  Prices change and vary widely, depending on the extras you want, so be sure to contact the chapel in advance to make your reservations and get an accurate quote.  Don't forget that you may want to bring some items with you, by shopping for them in advance or ordering them online (there's a link to Amazon near the top of this article).  This could save you a lot of money after you arrive in Las Vegas.

Many Extras are Available

For those who are making their arrangements at the last minute, the Little White Wedding Chapel offers all the essentials to make the day special.  For example, the bride and groom can rent the gown and a tuxedo right there.  Photographs, corsages, bouquets, garters and DVD’s are also available. You can even buy t-shirts and photo albums, as well as other keepsakes, at the gift shop in the chapel lobby. This is a charming place to pull together a spontaneous wedding.  When my sister was married there, she and her long-time boyfriend made the decision to get married at breakfast that morning.  They called, set up a time, took a cab to the marriage license bureau, and were husband and wife within eight hours!  They even had time to shop for new outfits after they picked up the license and before they got married.  When I think of the months I spent planning some of my daughters’ weddings, this seemed like a dream come true!

Special Wedding Ceremonies

If you want an even more unique ceremony you should still contact the Little White Wedding Chapel.  They can arrange an Elvis impersonator, a helicopter wedding, and help with a variety of other deluxe packages.  Let them know the type of marriage ceremony you are trying to create, and see if they can make the arrangements for you.

How to Contact the Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

The chapel is located at 1301 Las Vegas Blvd., South, in Las Vegas NV 89104.  Their local phone number is (702) 382-5943 and their toll free number is (800) 545-8111.  You can also find them online at alittlewhitechapel.com.

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Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas
Credit: www.public-domain-photos.com

The sign in front of this famous location proudly boasts about the celebrities who have been married there, including Joan Collins and Michael Jordan.


The delightful truth is that anyone can be married there, too, for very little money.