There are a few options when it comes to Wednesday Addams costumes; however, only two of those options are worth discussing!  Wednesday Addams is a specific character from a television show that was popular in the mid 90's (the show was called "The Addams Family"). With that being said, this is one of the greatest 90's costume ideas on the market!

I am not here to tell you about all of the ways to get your hands on the costume; however, I will be going over the two best ways to dress up as Wednesday Addams for Halloween! The only stipulation is that these two methods will take at least a few days to materialize; whether you are waiting for the Halloween costume to ship or finding the various costume accessories, you will need at least a few days!

To top it off, I will also be going over a group costume idea that will incorporate the Wednesday Addams costume that you will be buying/creating! I would suggest the first option if you are not into the idea of a do-it-yourself costume, and the second idea if you want to save some money and make the costume yourself!

Buying The Costume From Amazon-Inexpensive, But Will Take Time To Ship

Buying your Wednesday Addams costume online is the best option if you are looking for a low-cost costume, and don't mind if it doesn't fit you perfectly!

Dressing up as the daughter from The Addams Family can cost you as little as $13 if you decide to go the Amazon route. You will end up paying more than $13 for a few of the accessories that come in the package, so $13 for an entire costume is a phenomenal deal! The one downside to buying any of the Halloween costumes on Amazon is that they need at least 1 week to ship. With that being said, if it is less than 10 days away from Halloween, forget about buying any of the Wednesday Addams costumes from Amazon!

Making Your Own Wednesday Addams Costume

If you have ever watched the tv show, you will notice that all of the Addams family members wear black clothes. Morticia (the mother) wears a long black dress, Gomez (the father) wears a black and grey striped suit, Fester (the uncle) wears a black robe, and Pugsley (the brother) wears a black and white striped t shirt.

With all of that in mind, I'm sure that you can guess the main color of a Wednesday Addams Halloween costume! It's black!

Dressing up as Wednesday from The Addams Family can be rather easy if you decide to create your own costume. You must gather the following items:

-A black dress with long sleeves

-Plain black tights

-Black dress shoes with a small heel

-White accents for the dress (cufflinks and collar)

Simply combine all of the above items to create one of the best 1990's Halloween costumes on the market. Be sure to style your hair in pigtails, as Wednesday Addams is always seen with pigtails in her hair!

You probably have most of these costume accessories hanging around in your closet; however, buying some of them at your local Haloween store will only run you up about $20!

Going With A Group Of Friends-Dressing Up As The Addams Family

Group costume ideas are amazing, but rarely executed! There is always one person in the group that disagrees with the costume theme that the others have chosen! However, having all of the group members dress up as the members of the Addams Family is a phenomenal costume idea (if everyone agrees).

Ideally, you should have 5 people that are willing to dress up as the members of the Addams family; you can dress up as Wednesday using one of the costume ideas that are listed above, and the others can dress up as Morticia, Pugsley, Gomez, and Fester! In order to fully pull off this costume idea, you must act like a family; be sure to stick together, and people will know exactly who you are dressing up as!

A great Halloween costume is one that doesn't leave people guessing; everyone around you should know what your costume is as soon as they look at you. With that being said, a Wednesday Addams costume represents the 90' perfectly! She was one of the stars of a popular television show that nearly everyone watched during the beginning of the 1990's!

There are literally a ton of Wednesday Addams costumes to choose from; however, i would recommend buying one from Amazon or making it yourself! A homemade Addams Family costume may seem like a daunting task at first; however, it will seem easier as you go along... I promise!