The economy is tough and seems to be getting tougher. When the normal jobs which are normally available dry up it's time for a little unconventional thinking. A lot of people don't realize that you can really and truly find part time, full time, or weekend jobs online. You can though, and being able to think outside the box is the first step toward online work.

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Weekend Jobs Online

Completing Online Survey

There are a number of companies that will pay small amount if you fill out surveys. To get you started I'll give you a couple sites that are pay for surveys. CashCrate, SwatCash, FusionCash, TreasureTrooper, and MoraCash. Just do a quick Google search for the URL. That's the first step in your job hunt, getting the web address yourself. Hey, I'm lazy.

Write for Cash Sites

There are a lot of sites that pay people to write content for them. If you can string together a few sentences and do some research on your topic you can apply at DemandStudios, TextBroker, WiseGeek, and ELance. The basic system at these sites is pretty simple. They give you a topic and you write an article on that topic. If you can write fast and get your articles approved you can make a decent living at these sites. With eLance you actually need to promote your work and find potential buyers.

Write for Residual Income Sites

These sites allow anyone to write articles for them but don't directly pay. They display ads on the site and that is where your revenue will come from. InfoBarrel and HubPages are two popular residual income sites. These sites are usually pretty well set up for the beginner and are good places to learn how internet money making prospects work.

Home Based Customer Service

There are a number of companies that have turned to having people answer their customer service line from their homes. Finding these jobs can take a little work to find but they are the best for people who need a lot of structure in order to get the job done.

Make Your Own Website

If you are a real go-getter than creating a website of your own might be a good weekend job for you. Making a website or blog from scratch takes a lot of work, and if you don't know the basics of internet marketing might not be the best for a beginner.

Sell Your Own Product or EBook

If you have a product to sell or an idea for a book you can do your selling online via EBay or Amazon. Both of these sites allow anyone to list their items and take a small cut of the profits in exchange for you using their website.

The internet world is open to anyone interested in weekend jobs online. You do have to change your thinking a bit and put up with some strange looks when you tell people what you do, but there is money to be made by writing for sites like InfoBarrel. Get out there and see what is available that you think you can do. It's not as hard as most people think it is. There is a bit of a learning curve but you can do it.