You might think that if you are still in school you can't work right? Wrong. Weekend part time jobs for high school students can be found all around you, but you just have to know where to look. It isn't hard to find them with a little knowledge and know how. Many of these jobs will be part time jobs under 18 years old, but really they can go for any age group! I suspect most people reading this want part time jobs for 16 years olds, so I will tell you the best weekend part time jobs for high school students out there.


Retail is when you work at places like Dillard's, Wal-Mart, Victoria's Secret, Dick Sporting Goods, and more. All of these places are great for weekend part time jobs for high school students. They don't require much training at all and are usually open really late, so you can get a lot of hours. Another plus is that they pay pretty well! However, the best part and one of the main reasons students love it is for the benefits. Of all the weekend part time jobs for high school students, this one might have the best. You will get discounts from where you work, so ladies, if you work at Victoria's Secret get some thongs and bras, and guys, if you work at Dick's get you some new shoes! These are all great reasons why retail is one of the best job choices out there.

Food Services

I know this might not be your favorite choice, but there are an infinite number of jobs in this market, and the pay isn't that bad either. Weekend part time jobs for high school students don't have to many options, but this is definitely one of the best. Sure, there is McDonalds and Taco Bell, but there are others too! Imagine being a hostess or a waiter or waitress at a nice restaurant. The jobs aren't that hard to get, and I know people that bring in over 500 dollars a night! This is one of the best part time jobs under 18 years old because they don't care too much what age you are. Don't pass up on this job that is in very high demand.


There are bunches of older people out there that just can't clean like they used to be able to. This leaves perfect opportunities for you, the younger generation, to get up and clean for them. They will pay really nicely and probably tip you, plus you will get to meet some of the most interesting people you have never known before. This would be a very nice weekend part time job for high school students, but don't get any sneaky ideas!


Are you intelligent? Yes? Then I have the job for you! You can tutor other people that are struggling in your area of expertise and make BIG money. This is a growing field, and we both know people that could really use it. This weekend part time job for high school students is a great chance to teach and bring in the money at the same time. It will really make a difference in someone else's life.

There are many weekend part time jobs for high school students out there, but you just have to put your mind to test. Ask people at school, your local church, and your parents where there might be jobs around. If you don't know what else to do, then write online at Infobarrel and you can make money sitting around writing online! This might not be your cup of tea though, so get out and find a weekend part time job for you!

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