Traditional Old Time Wicker Now Available As Wicker Patio Furniture

Would the old South or the northern New York Adirondack resorts ever be the same in our memories without verandas and decks speckled with Wicker furniture.

It's almost impossible to look at old postcards or resort brochures without seeing guests enjoying a cold drink and relaxing in some form of old traditional furniture. From comfortable single chairs and benches to beautiful tables, it has long held a special unique place in the hearts of tourists everywhere. Homeowner's have long enjoyed other furnishings such as wicker dining sets, wicker bedroom furniture and wicker conversation sets .

Wicker Furniture Goes To Sea

The lightweight, comfort and beauty of wicker furniture even went to sea. Photographs from the 20s and 30s display many  yachts and even U.S. Navy vessels outfitted with copious amounts of wicker furniture.

Officer'a Smoking Room USS MadawaskaCredit: U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph
Officer's Smoking Room USS Madawaska

While it's a simple matter to find photographs from the 1920s and 1930s showing these wicker masterpieces,  it is much more difficult to find samples of the furniture itself surviving. Unfortunately wicker,  while able to produce some of the most beautiful and comfortable furniture and accessories has never survived long in the open elements.

Long exposure to the sun bakes the fibers drying them and leaving them brittle. Moisture attacks the furniture joints and tends to warp the frames, virtually pulling the chairs  apart. Actually, restoration experts will advise homeowners to keep their precious antique wicker furniture indoors and use modern materials for their outdoor environments.

Modern Wicker Patio Furniture Braves The Elements

Fortunately, for the modern homeowner who still craves wicker patio furniture a new product called resin wicker has been developed which has proved to be a match for the most destructive outdoor elements. Some manufacturers advise that this new material can be left outdoors year-round. However,  to get the longest use from your outdoor wicker furniture especially in northern climes it would seem prudent to store it indoors during winter weather and keep it covered outdoors when not in use. UV rays from sunlight can be very harmful to even the best outdoor furniture.

Wicker Furniture Set(59988)Credit: AmazonResin wicker has the additional feature of its color dyes being mixed into the resin so modern  wicker patio furniture will not peel or flake as antique wicker will. Some of the most attractive patio furniture sets are designed in resin wicker materials. Also, modern wicker furniture cushions weather well and hold their brilliant colors many times longer than the older dyed indoor cushions that were traditionally taken outdoors.

While searching the wide range of resin wicker patio furniture,  you'll find that an additional benefit of this modern wicker is that the wicker is not woven on a rattan frame as the antique furniture tended to be. Instead steel and cast aluminum and weather resistant Teak and Cedar are used instead. These materials will extend the life of your wicker furniture for many years.

So rest assured that you can enjoy your mint juleps while lounging in your beautiful, comfortable wicker patio furniture.   Even though you may be far from salt air or moss draped willow trees situated around verandas adorned with tall columns, your patio or backyard deck will offer comfort and beauty for many years to come.