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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Did you know you can lose weight lifting weight? It's true; however, there are many people who don't believe it. The primary ones that think this way are women. These women believe that lifting weight will only make you gain weight. This is why you always see the women working out on cardio machines and mostly men in the weight room.

They couldn't be further from the truth, but no one has explained it to them, so they continue year after year being overweight. I know this because I see them year after year not looking any different. In fact, I hear them complain about not losing weight when they're back in the locker room.

For all you women who are reading this right now that believe lifting weight will make you gain weight I want you to know you are right. Oh, but wait, didn't you just say it can help me lose weight? Yes, I did and I also say it can help you gain weight; it's all in the workout when you lift the weight that determines whether you lose or gain.

It's simple really to lose weight you use lighter weight along with more reps and sets. To gain weight you use heavier weight, less reps and less sets. At least the principle is simple, to learn how to weight train properly with good form is another matter. It's very important to get proper training if you plan to lose weight lifting weight.

To learn on your own all you need to do is watch youtube videos and pay close attention to what they're teaching. It's a good idea to watch the videos several times and try to follow along as well as take notes. This way you can design your own personal program just the way you like it.

Your other option is to join a health and fitness club and use a personal trainer to show you how to use proper form while weight training. Let them know your areas of concern such as thighs, stomach, upper arms etc. These will be areas that you work a little bit more than the others. Be sure to let them know you want to lose weight and not gain.

The primary reason lifting weight to lose weight works so well is because you gain muscle and burn more calories. Muscle burns more fat/calories this is why you want more muscle. Do not worry about getting bulky if you are a woman it's not possible unless you take steroids. Women do not naturally have the high levels of testosterone needed to do this.

I have been lifting weights for over 28 years and weigh 102 pounds at 5'3". I lift fairly heavy weight for my size and am 57 years old. This is proof that being an older woman doesn't mean you have to be fat and dumpy. It also means you can get lean and in shape by lifting weights.

I also superset my entire workout, you can look up super setting on Youtube while you're designing your lose weight lifting weight workout. Super setting will help you lose weight faster, but you have to build up to it since it's an intense form of training. It's the intensity that will take the weight off and keep it off. So, start out easy and build intensity over time this is the best way to lose weight by lifting weight.

Oh, and one more thing watch the calories or you won't lose a pound. Diet is just as important as exercise. It doesn't work to do one without the other. All the information you need is online and if you are serious there is no legitimate excuse to not get yourself in tip top shape all on your own.


lift weight