Lose weight quickly

It is quite easy to lose weight quickly but the real problem is to keep the weight off. To lose weight speedily one simply has to stop eating so much and do some exercise, rather obvious when you think about it. Weight lost too quickly will reappear at the first opportunity. The problem with losing weight quickly is that you will probably put it back on just as quickly. The following diet advice will help you keep the pounds off.

Foods to avoid that help promote weight loss

The foodstuffs you should try to avoid at all costs are sugar, flour, syrup, hydrogenated foods and oils. To help with this regime you should buy food with very low saturated fat and sugar content. Stock in a plentiful supply of fruit or grow yoru own vegetables and stay clear of foods that are high in sugar. Cakes, chips and cookies are a big no-no.

Food Tips for weight loss

Instead of salad dressing (rich in fat) use small quantities of oil and vinegar instead which can be mixed with crushed garlic to make a lovely dressing for a salad. Artificial ingredients, in general, are not good for a weight loss program and should be avoided. Try to use fresh produce whenever you can. Celery, for instance, is a negative calorie food which means that it takes more calories to digest it than it provides in nourishment. 

What to eat and when to diet

The most important thing to do every day is to eat a healthy breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day and will prevent snacking during the day. If you do need to snack then raw apples and carrots are good. Adding spices to your food (but not salt) can aid digestion and prevent fat build ups. Keeping hunger at bay might until mealtimes is important and a glass of carrot juice, or even elderflower wine, can help your resistance.

I Can Make You Thin

Dieting the Paul McKenna Way

Before starting any diet

Consult your doctor before you begin, just in case there is some underlying reason whereby you should not exercise. Once you get the all clear start a structured diet regime. 
Your physician will also be able to give you some advice on nutrition or even refer you to a nutrition specialist. Of the many diets available to you try to find one that suits your lifestyle rather than a diet that radically changes everything and is therefore more likely to fail.

The daily weight loss workout

Stretching exercises will burn fat very efficiently. A minimum of 10 minutes of stretching per day is recommended for best results. Add walking to the agenda for losing weight and take a brisk walk every day. The longer the walk the better, but 25 minutes is sufficient in the initial stages of reducing your weight.

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The key to lasting change is in your own head

Weight loss and increased energy levels

When you begin to lose weight you will have more energy and may wish to increase the activities suggested above. You could lift weights for 10 minutes per day ensuring that you work up a good sweat as you pump iron. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much weight you can lose by following these simple diet tips. Weight loss requires determination and is not for the half hearted so make sure you know what you want to do with your life before you begin a serious diet regime.

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