If you are trying to get fit or lose weight, then here are ten "lazy ways" to help burn calories, besides tweaking your diet.

You can accumulate a calorie burn throughout the day. I do this all the time.

1. Fidget. I know you were probably told to "sit still" as a kid, but as kids we knew that our bodies needed to keep moving. Do you remember how hard it was to sit perfectly still when you were a kid? Yet we do it all the time now, while watching TV, or reading etc. We sit still so long that our limbs go numb or "fall asleep" which then makes you feel creaky when you get up.

So, next time you are watching TV, or reading or listening to music, get your leg bouncing a bit with the beat, or fidget with your hands, move something! It all counts.

2. Dance. When you are doing mundane chores, get your favorite music on. Put on music with a good beat, and dance your way through your mundane chores.

3. Walk a dog for the local Animal shelter. They are always looking for someone to commit to taking a dog for a quick walk. If you do this every week, you will have added some exercise and calorie burn. Make it a quick walk and you will burn more calories. (When I say a quick walk, I mean move faster, not a shorter walk!).

4. If you have a second floor on your house, or a basement, make a point of taking things "one at a time" up or down the stairs. If like me, you probably would try to make things easier, by accumulating things to take up and down the stairs, why not run up with that "one thing", you will burn extra calories, and will feel more energetic.

5. Invest in some good walking shoes. If you don't feel comfortable walking, or your feet hurt afterwards, then you need to invest in yourself. Go to a sports store, where the staff is educated in the type of shoe you will need.

Make sure if you go on any holidays, that you pack these walking shoes, and don't just bring sandals! This could be a great chance to burn off those holiday margarita's and see the sights.

6. Garden. If you are just bone tired when you get home from work, even just walking around your garden will make you feel better. You could "dead head" if you are not very energetic, but you may find, that once you start poking at one thing, next thing you know you are pulling out weeds, which is a great calorie burn.

The trick is to trick yourself. This may sound mean, but it is all about the self talk. The subconscious talking you do that stops you from exercise and eventual weight loss. If you keep telling yourself that it is not worth doing exercise unless it is full sweaty session of aerobics, then you will never do it. But if you come home from work tired, and you tell yourself, that you are only going to do one thing for 10 minutes, such as pick dead flower heads off, then after the 10 minutes is up, then you tell yourself you will do 10 more minutes of this or that. If you break down this exercise into 10 minute intervals in your brain, then you will try something. Rather than trying to convince yourself that you are going for a marathon gardening session, which will just make you feel more tired, tell yourself that you will "just do a bit of this" or "just do a bit of that" and see how you feel.

7. If you are a big soda drinker, then change out one soda per day for water with a slice of lemon, or just plain. You will save yourself sugar calories, and feel more hydrated, which will make you feel better. Rather than saying "Today I will stop drinking soda forever" which will send you into a panic attack, start with ONE soda. You can do it! One does make a difference!

8. Chair exercise. This is a great exercise for the office chair, and no one needs to know you are doing it! Sit up straight in your chair, and then slowly lift your feet off the ground a few inches and hold it. You will feel this is your gut. Then put your feet back down. This works your abs.

Another chair exercise, is to "almost sit down" with your butt just a few inches off your chair, and then stand up again. Your co-workers may wonder what you are doing, but you will feel this in your legs. Sometimes doing these exercises in your chair, and/or some stretches with your arms, your brain will wake up, as you get the blood moving again, as well as burning calories.

9. Commercial Exercises. While watching commercials on the TV, instead of just sitting there critizing them, why not get moving. Jump up and run on the spot, until your show comes back on. If you do this at every commercial, you will probably have got a complete workout in during that time! Especially with all the commercials that are on now.

10. Hobbies. Even knitting, comes under fidgeting, you are still moving something! But with many hobbies, you may be standing at a counter, such as with baking and cooking, or working on projects in the shop. Maybe you have to twist and turn. The point is, if you are doing something you like, you are more likely to stick to it.

If you say you don't have any hobbies that gets you moving, then maybe you should take a class, such as ballroom dancing, or jazz, or belly dancing, or kick boxing. Something that you can go to with others and have fun. If it is fun then you will continue with it, and this will help you lose weight.

Weight loss, can occur with an accumulation of changes. A tweak here and there to your diet, and with some additions in activities over the day, you will accumulate a calorie burn. Just like the saying "take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves" The same goes for weight loss. Make small changes, and they will add up to weight loss.

If you make small changes, you will stick to them. By simply being aware of your activities, you are more likely to move a bit more. So make a conscious effort, to move, no matter how little during the day, it will all add up over the day and help you with your weight loss goals.