Weight Loss Aids

Weight Loss Aids

Weight loss aids are various means of easing the process of burning fat and changing body composition toward healthier norms. There are several different categories of weight loss aids and, depending upon your age, health, situation, and prior experience with dieting and weight loss, you will find that certain categories of weight loss aids will be more or less helpful.

Psychological and Motivational

If you don't have a serious medical condition, hormonal imbalance, or glandular disorder, but you simply find that initiating and maintaining a vigorous exercise regimen seems overwhelming, then psychological and motivational weight loss aids will probably be of the most assistance to you. Aids in this category can be as simple as self-made calendars documenting your progress in pictures and personal health stats, allowing you to track your increasing levels of fitness and draw inspiration from your steady successes. If you feel like you need something more powerful and external, consider hiring a fitness coach or personal trainer that you can meet with to discuss your personal weight loss goals and with whom you can collaborate on dietary and activity changes that will help you accomplish your aims.

If cost is a concern, you can forgo the professional route by asking a friend with similar fitness goals to accompany you for workouts, runs or hikes. Perhaps you have family members that would be willing to assist you by meeting you for healthy meals or outdoor activities.

Meanwhile, you can give yourself a little boost by writing down a list of things that you will be able to do once you accomplish your weight loss goals, such as swim in a public pool, chase your children around a park, or join family members for a stroll without becoming winded.


If you have sufficient motivation and dedication to reaching your weight loss goals but you are struggling against a sluggish metabolism or some disorder which downregulates your body's natural ability to burn fat and add muscle effectively, you might want to consider adding some supplements to your efforts. This category of weight loss aids includes natural or homeopathic weight loss aids, such as goji berry juice, green tea extract, also known as theanine, or manufactured weight loss aids like caffeine based weight loss pills. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any of these supplements, since some carry fairly serious side effects like heart palpitations and gastric discomfort, for example. Also keep in mind that these supplements cannot catapult you to your weight loss goals without any effort or lifestyle changes on your part. You must be willing to add reasonable amounts of aerobic exercise to your weekly schedule, as well as to make smarter dietary choices and generally take in fewer calories than you have been accustomed to. All the same, supplement weight loss aids can assist in making the overall process more bearable. Theanine, for example, is a naturally ocurring compound found in green tea which boosts the metabolism, assists in curbing hunger pangs, and brightens mood. Taking theanine extract throughout the day will not burn all unwanted fat and tone muscles in an absolutely sedentary person, but it will certainly asisst someone earnestly sticking to an exercise and diet conducive to weight loss.

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