Loose Jeans

I like many of you have had a long journey with weight loss, however, I know that with hard work and commitment that weight loss can be achieved. When I was first got married, I weighed in at a mere 96 lbs. and looked great at 5' tall. After the birth of my second child, I had gained over 60 lbs. My first experience of going from a size 16 to a size 0 took 3 months of a lot of hard work at Gold's Gym. My workout consisted of 3 days a week of aerobics and 2 days a week of free weights, but I achieved my goal and saw no reason to continue going.

When I reached my 30's I began gaining weight again. I peaked at around 127 lbs. I noticed the change in my appearance, but I maintained that weight for several years. As that decade came to an end, so did my figure. At a 140 lbs. later and size 10, I decided it was time to do something about this. I had began to have swelling in my ankles and I had started to limp after a few rotations at work in a row. When I was off for a few days the swelling would diminish and the limp would go away. I found that I felt stiff a lot more and a lot older than was necessary for my age. I began a diet that consisted of grapefruit juice, meat, and anything green. Oh I began losing weight at the tune of about 5 lbs. a day and after 2 weeks I had lost a total of 40 lbs. I also ended up being a patient at the ER that I was suppose to be working the night shift in. I received fluid via an IV and got my gallbladder checked out. I was instructed to stop this diet immediately, so I continued it for 3 more days. With results like that it was really hard to stop, but because I was in the health care field I knew it was the right thing to do.

A few years later guess what happened. I managed to reach a 153 lbs. A size 13. Great, I had to start all over again. This time I went to a diet program complete with phentermine. I actually really like this diet. I loved the tremendous burst of energy that these little pills have to offer. Weight loss can be achieved because I got back down to a size 5. It took about 7 months and then I moved away from this diet program. So I have gained a few pounds and I just started my diet and this is what I have learned and this is what I am going to do about it.

Drink lots of water. You may not like water and if you don't make sure that is ice cold, drink it and get over it. It is one of the most important things you can do to lose weight. Drink at least eight glasses a day. Get a decorative, reusable water bottle or whatever it takes to make it interesting. Don't cry about it just do it.

Drink coffee. I need that caffeine rush that is going to get me up to take that walk down the street that is going to have to become part of my lifestyle again. 10,000 steps a day. That is what you should shoot for. If you have never done this before and you are shy about it then go early in the morning before the neighbors are up. Start out slow and after a few weeks walk a little and alternate this with jogging. You will eventually get up to a full run and you will feel a hundred percent better I promise.

Invest in some colon cleanse. You can get these amazing little pills at your health food store. A 30 day supply will run you about $10.00. If have regular bowel movements then you might want to skip this step. If you do not and your abdomen feels larger in portion to the rest of your size then you will thank me for this little piece of advice. I have had many times in the past when someone has ask me when my baby was due, when there was no baby followed immediately with no self-esteem. You know who you are and you know what I mean. This alone can change your whole outlook on life.

Eat breakfast as in bacon or sausage and eggs. These are protein based foods. Follow this with a half a cup of pink grapefruit juice. Meats and grapefruit juice work extremely well together during diet and the combination produces rapid results. This problem that I had with this diet is I overdid the grapefruit juice and I didn't incorporate the water. Add greens to this and it works even better. Just try to stay away from eating anything white and limit your milk intake, but supplement your calcium with string cheeses , however, try to avoid processed cheeses. Eat on a smaller plate. This will help you decrease your portions which is necessary for this process to work.

Keep your proteins high and your carbs low and you will get results. As far as the walking and jogging go, this can make you feel twenty again. When I started drinking more water and jogging my legs stopped swelling and the pain went away in my hips. Furthermore, when I would get up in the morning I wouldn't feel stiff and old. Try to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals and eat them slowly. I always keep tuna and salmon handy in those single serve packs. I buy a lot of deli meats and string cheese and roll the meat around the cheese for a snack. Beef Jerky also is a handy little snack to have as well as an assortment of nuts. Place a calender on your refrigerator and write on it when you have completed walking or working out. Sometimes as you began losing weight you can get comfortable with yourself and forget to work out that day. It takes a least 30 days of repeating the same thing for it to become a habit and this tactic will help remind you.

Don't weigh yourself everyday. Instead try judging your weight loss achievements by the fit of your clothes. Reward yourself with new outfits and when you began losing to keep you motivated and when you reach your goal you can start incorporating the forbidden foods back into your diet, but only in moderation. These are the things that work well for me and you can take from this what you will. Your doctor can give you the best advice on a diet, but I do know these steps work really well. At any rate do something today to improve your quality of life. You want regret it a year from now and you will realize that with some lifestyle changes, weight loss can be achieved.