In a world of ever changing nutritional information there has been one constant. Exercise is the key to staying healthy,fit and gives you ability to mold your body to your desired look.  Some people prefer large muscular frames while many desire long lean muscle. Though this article is not for the purpose of giving you a personal training session. I am here to help guide the millions of frustrated readers that have failed time and time again when it comes to diets and there desired look.

Lets take the complexity out of the question on diet vs exercise. Unfortunately the first principle is knowing what I describe in a past article about changing your metabolism so you can eat what ever you like. Remember "there are no bad foods but there are bad diets".

We can take this article and simply put up a comparison chart between the two. Diet and exercise. On top write two words BENEFITS OF.

If I went that route the article would tip your computer over due to how profound the benefits of exercise over dieting is. First lets start with a surprise. Exercise of course can cause some temporary sports injuries. Also the rare serious injury. I have weight trained for 32 years and my worst injury was breaking my toe. I simply dropped a 10 pound plate on it. So there are some dangers if your not careful and that right there is one major difference. The danger that comes with exercise is up to you. Become careless and yes you too can drop a 10 pound plate on your toe.

With diets the damage is slow and insidious. Also it's deceiving because there is a chance the diet temporarily changes how you look and that change is what your eyes see as a positive change. Though in reality you might be missing key nutrients.  Let me stop right here just for a moment because I am well aware I will not be able to convince some people to stop dieting. For the few that are set in there ways might I suggest that you add at the very least a multi vitamin/mineral with one of your meals. As with all supplements .Do a fast internet search for a good brand. Simply put the words in: Top 10 multi vitamines and minerals. Pick one from that list/ While we are speaking on supplements. A general rule is this. If you have seen or heard of the product do not buy iy. For example Centrum Silver. Studies show they have approximately 10% of what they claim to provide. Or One A Day vitamins. These companies are spending money on marketing which should be going into development. One last note on vitamins. They must always be take in with food. The body needs to know it's digestion time in order to absorb the supplements. That is an article for the future. I can for day on this topic. It is one that has caused me to waste valuable treatment time with patients because there so misinformed. A perfect example is this. Drink milk so you get strong bones. The basis for that is milk is loaded with calcium. Calcium helps with bone support. So you would think. High in calcium equals a food that will help with bone support. The problem is this. Milk runs through your body so fast the region responsible for absorption of that nutrient has little to no chance to absorb it. See !!! This is a complex topic that will take me time to explain the dirty little secretes by some supplement companies as well as a multitude of misconceptions that might even be dangerous and doing the exact opposite of what your attempting to achieve.....better health.

If you stopped to read this article your interested in better health. No shame-less self promotion here but as a physician who is also a dietician and nutritionist for greater then 20 years now. Well now finally I am at the point of my life where I can give back. If you decide to follow my articles your going to learn such valuable information. Information you won't easily find anywhere else.

Lets face it. This is North America. A so called capitalistic economy. If you think for one second that nutrition and dieting is not on the list of the top 5 areas North Americans waste money and time on. Well you just wrong. These companies play on your vanity. They have commercials showing you playing with your grand children if you just were to take this pill or go on this weight loss system.

Let me guide you through this web of misinformation. Like any commercial for a drug. During the last 10 seconds a pleasant sounding voice speed talks about 50 deadly conditions that just might be a side effect of the product.

As you can tell there are a few pet peeves of mine as a health care provider. One is causing people to destroy there kidneys because no one told them when they went on that high protein diet that protein has a nitrogen atom on it and kidneys can not easily remove that atom without enough water intake.

Again so much to be written on health that if you decide you want a free source that includes a Board Certified Physician answering every commented question you might have. Well you stumbled onto the perfect author for this.

On to my original point. Which thank goodness the big picture portion of this can easily be answered. Diet vs exercise ??? If you can only choose one whats the correct choice. EASY and the answer is without any doubt exercise.

Now obviously the way to get in optimum health is a combination of the two. Though for our purpose were here to think exercise and it's benefits as well as the possible hazards from diets.

Lets start with diets. Now please don't mistake this article as me saying all diets and all supplements are bad for you. My last article which I left a link above to went into great detail about high protein diets. The right way or better said the safe way. Also why it is so beneficial. Please read the article if you plan on going that direction. In fact that is a perfect example for our needs here. High protein equals...over working and stressing out your kidneys. For all that do not know we have 2 kidneys and there purpose is multifold but mainly excretion of waste and toxins.

The organ we need to worry about the most though when dieting is not the kidney,not the stomach and not the digestive tract. It is the liver. The liver the bodies largest organ if you exclude skin in this conversation. Yes , skin is the bodies largest organ. I would estimate 80 to 90 % of the people we know don't even know the skin is an organ. I always tell my patients when this topic comes up. I tell them, I know you have heard on a commercial for make up "we do not test this product on animals". Then I generally say something smug like " Do you think they just want to see if the dog looks good with that eye liner". Then I say "NO !!! They want to see if it kills the dog". Anything and I mean anything yo put on your skin is absorbed into your body then eventually excreted out as one of our many waste products. Such as hair ,finger nails and yes going to the bathroom.

So with that tangent I just went on out of the way lets finish the answer to the question. Diet vs exercise.

Even without the statistics that diets generally fail in log run this is an easy answer. Again as I said, exercise by far is better for you the dieting.

The benefits of exercise far exceed the benefits of dieting. For to to really understand this you have to remind yourself. Your heart is a muscle. Exercise strengthens muscles ,joints, ligaments and tendons. It improves blood flow. It lower blood pressure and by increasing circulation allows your body to get what it needs via the constituents that are carried through out the body by your vascular system(veins/arteries).

Dieting while a good idea is just rarely done correctly compounded by starting and stopping. Or trying this diet or that diet. Where exercise might vary in the motions you decide to do that day it is still always doing the exact same thing. Exactly what I wrote above. Strengthens muscles ,tendons, joints as well as improving circulation which is the critical component to staying healthy. Blood carries all the healing constituents we need. That's why close to the top of the list of diseases that kill us is heart disease. Clog an artery and chances are you will die. Will diets get that artery un-clogged or lower your blood pressure? Well that answer is this....Maybe ! Will regular exercise keep our blood pressure down and give us the best chance to flush out our circulatory system. Easy , of course. Just think of a garden hose with some dirt in it. Turn the water on that goes to that hose and you will clean it out. Certainly human physiology is more complex the that but for our purpose here we're simply answering a question. One where the answer is a resounding yes Regular moderate exercise by far exceeds the benefits of some diet that you probably will quit after a few months.

My dilemma here is this. I want to hand you the keys to health but this process will take time. A perfect example is if you noticed I choose not to explain why some diets are dangerous. I can't teach you in an article how and what a liver does on the physiologic level. I can and will in the future dedicate certain articals to every organ and system in your body. I will like I metioned above always respond to questions sent through the comment board and if there personal just email me.

I have taken sometime to read the health related articles on Info Barrel and while I found a few that I really thought gave the reader good sound advice. I'm under the opinion this site needs a professional. Someone that has spent over 20 years dealing with health related issues. At the risk of sounding like an ego maniac. You might find some wonderful health information here but nothing like the consistent quality of what my plans are for this site.

I hope the editors start recognizing what I am doing. I have not set this account up as a revenue making account. Currently I am doing this for the people interested in health and eventually I will have a strong following. For now if I help just one person I'm doing what I spent 10 years in college learning. Which was how to deliver quality health care. One person at a time.

Lastly please don't mistake my comments about what I see as a serious lack of quality in the articles that are health related. First there are some very high quality articles. Also it seems that the other areas on Info Barrel are where the better authors are. I have a theory on why health related articles do not meet peer review standards. It has to be because most physicians these days have no desire to teach people how to stay healthy. If they did they would be helping fix a system that deals with reactive health care not proactive care.

While I do not not share that view I also became a health care practitioner to keep or get people healthy.

Coming soon will be articles that range from detoxifying your system to teaching you how to make your own bodies system less acidic. It's well know that most diseases can not survive in an alkaline environment. Yet 99.9% of North Americans bodies are acidic.

Now is the time to add me to your subscriber list. Also if you have a disease or a health related topic you would like me to write about just put it in the comment section.



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