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Weight Loss Help

3 Steps to Success

The real struggle with weight loss is the lack of realistic weight loss help.  Weight loss help in today’s world is a multi-billion dollar industry.   From magic shakes to magic pills weight loss has become a dietary formula of late night television re-runs to give desperate individuals a chance at losing a pound.  It’s hard to imagine that MacDonald’s profits outweigh that of Weight Watches.  Last year alone, North Americans spent 60 billion dollars on weight loss practices.  Now you don’t need to be a genius to figure the issue here.  We may spend billions on weight loss products; however, we are still spending billions on fast food. Ultimately, weight loss is about decisions.  We decide whether or not to lose weight, that’s the secret.   The follow article will help make you the right decisions to succeed in your weight loss goals.

Step 1: Goals

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“You can’t run a race unless there is a finish line.” Same goes with weight loss, unless you have a specific goal the likelihood of reaching your mark is slim to none, excuse the pun.   Your goal you set needs to be specific and realistic.  If you look in the mirror and say that your weight loss goal is to be skinny, well that’s not really a goal that’s more of a hope.   Until you look in the mirror and see yourself as skinny you likely will not be satisfied and most certainly get discouraged.   Now I’m not saying that having high goals of becoming skinny is bad but your goals should be incremental and specific.  For example your first goal may be too loose one pound.  You may think that is a ridiculously small goal; but, it’s just the start.  After losing your first pound your next goal may be too loose five pounds.  You may have noticed I didn’t place a time frame on the goal.  When you start your weight loss you want to try your best not to put too much pressure on yourself as this may cause you to become discouraged a lot easier. 

Step 2: Schedule

Once you have a goal you need to figure out a schedule.  A schedule is designed to keep you on track. I’m not saying you make a excel spread sheet of your meals and when you are going to exercise, I mean keep a simple schedule that only you know you will be able to keep.  Plan your exercise around time when you actually think you will have the time.   Don’t try to re arrange your life to succeed.   If you watch Seinfeld on Thursdays then watch Seinfeld on Thursdays or better yet PVR the show to ensure your routine has not been disrupted.  The hardest part of weight loss is getting into a routine and if you keep your life routine as can then you greatly enhance the chance of success.

Step 3: Mind

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Your mind will help you the most with your weight loss goals.  We have all heard the saying “it’s all in your head” well in this case that couldn’t be more true.  For those who have never heard of the Placebo effect...google it...you will be blown away I promise!   Basically the placebo effect can be summed up as a patient being healed by nothing more than being told they are using a drug or recover measure that will heal them of all problems when in reality the drug or recover measure is nothing more than a sugar pill and water.  The mind is simply more powerful than we will ever no.  This is why together with exercising and not eating fast food believing that you will lose weight will ultimately help you lose weight.   The power of the mind has the ability to give us disease make us sad and doing incredibly stupid things so why can’t it make the body lose weight too...it does everything else right? Always remember a just as important of having a healthy body is having a healthy mind.  Being and thinking positive has shown in studies to improve not only physical performance but also mental performance.

Anyways if you can learn to follow these three steps weight loss will become less daunting than before you started…. In reality we all have the ability we just need to think we can.

Weight Loss HelpCredit: Utah Weight Loss blog