Weight loss help seems to be easy to come by, yet finding a plan you can live with seems to be the difficult part of success with both slimming down and maintaining weight loss. How many times have you started a diet only to go off of it and gain more weight than you were carrying before? Serial dieting and yo-yo weight loss is a real problem for most of us, but there is a simple reason why we just can't seem to keep the weight off. We can not live with out diet and exercise plans.

Diets seem so forced, so restrictive and so much trouble when we are busy every day of our lives. What can you do to finally have the success you are looking for? Work your diet into your life, not diet every day of your life.

Once, years ago, I found the secret to weight loss success. True, it was not an overnight solution, but it was a healthy answer to a weight problem that had plagued me for years. What did I do to shed pounds and keep them off? I skipped the diet all together and focused all my energy on finding healthier lifestyle changes that were easy to maintain.

I decided to pick on one bad habit at a time and find a solution that was not just tolerable, but painless. Hence a new motto: no pain means no weight gain. For example, I have a real chocolate addiction and sweet tooth. I knew that any weight loss plan would need to include dessert and chocolate or else I could forget keeping the weight off for good. Giving up chocolate was just not going to happen. I reasoned that chocolate was not the main culprit. The fat in candy was the issue for far more reasons than one. I bought a fat free baking book and learned how to bake with cocoa rather than chocolate. My new substitutions had far less fat and calories. I started to lose weight while still eating what I loved.

Next, I cut out the soft drinks an opted for tea rather than diet soda. Tea has tons of antioxidants and is a much better choice for your daily caffeine fix. About this time I realized that what I really needed to do was to find a way to get more nutrition into my diet while getting rid of the empty calories. I hid veggies in main dishes. I started to focus on eating more produce everyday, and added whole grains at every meal.

About this time an amazing thing happened, I felt so much better that I started to want to get more exercise. Me, who thought the gym was a dirty word previously, wanted to work out.

The pounds kept coming off month after month, but the most important thing I learned during the process is that you do not need to really give up the foods you love to lose weight. If you focus on better nutrition and eating fewer empty calories your body will simply do the rest for you. All you really need to do to get weight loss help is to look at the areas you could be eating with both better nutrition and fewer calories. Do that and you will loose weight relatively quickly, easily and healthy.