Simple Weight Loss Tips

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When it comes to weight loss there is no easy way to do it but to make drastic changes to your diet and exercise habits. However, there are a few things here and there that can shed a few quick pounds. Coming from a wrestler there are always a few things we could do before the season to somewhat kick-start our weight loss before the season and those things are; eating your most "unhealthy" meal of the day in the morning, cut out sodas from your diet altogether, limit your carbohydrate intake, and do not eat anything after 7 o'clock pm. These tips can shave up to the first 5-10 pounds off for you to give you the confidence to keep going. 

            Every person’s diet always has a place for a cheat meal and that is completely fine, but if you are going to indulge in it make sure you eat whatever it may be in the morning. Eating the most fatty and carbohydrate filled food in the mornings is good for many reasons. One being that those carbs and fats give you energy to burn throughout the day so in the end you do not normally keep any of them in your system because you will burn them off. Anybody can burn them off whether you are sitting in class, like I was, or sitting in an office. Start your day off with something that is going to give you energy for the rest of the day and throughout the day make sure your meals are progressively healthier as the day goes on.

            Dieting calls for some serious changes in a lifestyle, one of the changes I recommend is completely cutting out sodas or really any drink other than water and fat-free milk. This sounds very boring and distasteful, but there are ways around that, crystal light packets to flavor your water and normally do not have any calories whatsoever. The taste of soda will definitely be missed but the way I look at it is when you have your cheat meal with a soda to drink it will taste that much better. Why fat free milk? Because it costs relatively the same as other milks and tastes the same too, so what is the purpose in having more fattening milk. Water provides so many essential nutrients in it that sodas do not contain so becoming addicted to drinking water is easily one of the best things for you.

            A good diet always involves sacrificing something; the best choice is to sacrifice carbohydrates. Carbohydrates seem to be everywhere but you can do a few simple things to lower your intake per day. For example, if you are craving a McDonald’s cheeseburger, that’s fine eat it just take one or both of the buns off and it immediately becomes a healthy protein filled snack or meal. In any possible scenario where bread can be used a low carb wrap can also be used. If you love having homemade sandwiches all you have to do is substitute the bread for the wrap, and it makes that meal much healthier. So if you are to sacrifice something in your diet I would recommend carbohydrates; unless they are in the morning for breakfast because you will likely use the energy carbs offer by mid-afternoon.

            The most important rule or tip to dieting is the time and placement of meals. We previously discussed the breakfast and cheat meal taking place in the morning but now let’s cover the other end of that. When your body is dormant and asleep it is doing just about nothing, so if you eat late at night and go to bed all of that food you just ate will simply turn to fat over night because you are not using any of the energy it can give. So my personal rule is to not eat anything after 7 o’clock pm or 5 hours before I plan on going to bed. This way you burn up all the fat and carbohydrates that you eat at dinner and go to sleep without much fat or carbohydrates sitting in your stomach. This can be tough if you don’t have a very concrete schedule so there are a few things you can do. Say you have an early dinner at 4 pm and you start getting real hungry by about 8 pm the answer is green beans. An entire can of green beans will likely fill you up and normally only have about 70 calories, no fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrates. This way you satisfy your growling stomach and do not ruin your diet progress. Now, lets say you do not want to eat green beans every night for a late night snack, another option would be celery. Now celery is one of the healthiest things you can eat at any time of the day, but the taste is not always appetizing to some people. So to solve this problem you can dip it in your preferred condiments; for example peanut butter, Nutella, or ranch. Now you must use these condiments in moderation or else it will become an unhealthy snack.

            Those are some of the key elements to losing weight strictly by dieting. Now adding an exercise regimen to those dieting tips will increase your results much more because let’s be honest you cannot have real weight loss without exercise plain and simple. These tips will start you off and give you confidence to know that losing weight can be simple and possible. I am not a Health and Science major but I did have to cut weight for four years in wrestling and for three of those years I had to lose 30 pounds. One thing I must stress is that you do not make permanent results by starving yourself. So if you find that you hit a wall in your dieting and cannot get past a certain weight you should increase your workout or eat a little more as odd as that sounds. So hopefully this was helpful to any readers who are one their way to a new and healthier body.