The Perfect Weight Loss Program

With literally hundreds of weight programs and diets out there, where would you start? Everyone is different and claiming that a program is the best is almost ridiculous. Nothing is set in stone about weight loss. You’ll be brainwashed from advertisements which are nearly impossible to avoid.fgfg

From tv to radio and newspapers to magazines, they all offer weight loss claims and programs. Some may be true but can they keep the weight off and most importantly, is it healthy?

Some weight loss programs seem to be the best, it’s repetitions are sometimes true. IT does help you lose weight, but the right questions are commonly not asked. Like is it healthy? Can it keep the weight off and is it just fat it’s burning or is it also muscle mass? You don’t want to lose muscle mass, your bone density would decrease as well as your quality of living. Choosing the right weight loss program can be hectic if you don’t know where to start.


First, you should know that you want to lose weight and why you do. If you want to lose weight because your wife or husband told you to, you might but that isn’t the best way to motivate yourself. You should do it for yourself; you should WANT to do it.

You’ll do a much better job at getting at a healthier weight if you know that you want to lose weight. fgf

Take the first step. You’ve already done a great job at this because you’re reading this article. When you take the initiative of weight loss, you’ll go deeper and deeper and find yourself with a ton of information. 

This information is great to have but you should know what is true and what is false. Look at the reasons why it says what it says. Studies would be golden but even those can be inaccurate. Drugs and supplements are not needed to lose weight. In fact some of them will cause harsh side effects that you may notice either now or later in life. 

The greatest weapon that you can put in your head for successful weight loss and healthy living is motivation. Don’t expect to have the same amount of motivation without actually applying techniques to reinforce it. Just like how you shower, you need to motivate yourself often and regularly.

Use the internet, read stories, ask your friends, there are a lot of inspiring before and after pictures and people who start from an incredibly high weight to a healthier weight. None of these people do it overnight and that’s the most inspiring part about it. It took them commitment and work to get to where they got to.

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When you have found your motivation and you want to get your weight loss program going, get started on picking the right program. You’ll know what to look for in a weight loss program, what to do if its online, and where to go for more help.

Before you get started, see your doctor or physician and ask if it’s safe to start a weight loss program. Ask if you need to lose weight and what you should be weighing.

Also investigate if the weight gain could be caused by genetics, health problems or by a medicine that you are taking.fgf

Bring a pen and paper so you’re prepared to write the answers.

Other questions you may ask is what kind of diet is right for you, and how much physical activity you need. Your doctor should also let you know if there are any exercises that you shouldn’t do or that may be dangerous. The last thing you should ask if weight loss surgery is for you or if you should take weight loss drugs to help you.

Since humans are not designed to consume anything that isn’t made from nature, drugs of any sort are never a great idea unless you absolutely need to and your doctor recommended to do so.

We are made to move for our food but in today’s society we are spoiled with quick fixes of junk food and drugs. Try to avoid the trend and lean towards Mother Nature’s food.

When you look for your weight loss program, look for something that focuses on your overall health. Don’t focus on weight as that includes fat and muscles. You need to support or improve your muscle mass. Without muscle, you don’t have protection for your bones and body.


As you change your lifestyle, it’s never easy to fully adopt a complete change in your diet and activity. For easy change, look for something that would suit your life and can change your habits one by one.

By making sure you change your habits, your new lifestyle will follow slowly but surely. This way, you take everything by baby steps so you don’t fail your weight loss goals.

Look for a plan that not only helps you lose fat, but helps you keep muscle mass. A good weight loss program will keep you at a healthy weight not only for the short term but the long term.

The program should include guidance on physical activity and what you should consume to get your diet at a healthy state.fgf

A great program will also keep offer ongoing support and monitoring. Weight loss is not easy and it doesn’t happen in a week or two. It takes time and with time you might find yourself losing motivation or reasons why you want to lose weight. A great support program will help reinforce this.

Watch for programs that offer speedy weight loss because these are dangerous. A steady and safe weight loss is recommend, you should be losing anywhere from half to two pounds per week. You should have medical supervision if you are planning to take on a rapid weight loss program.

With our ongoing change of technology, we can now use programs that are offered online. They have their disadvantages though so you should know them before you sign up for one. When you find a weight loss program, read about it and see if it suits your lifestyle. Don’t fall for claims and the marketing side of the programs.

As difficult as it can be to avoid believing the claims, you should analyze the program and see what other people say about it. It should have more than enough reviews to seem like it wasn’t reviewed by people who are paid to do so.

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When you are confident enough about the program, check for its structure and plan. It should have weekly lessons online or offered through podcasts that fit your personal lifestyle and goals. A great social support includes a forum or bulletin boards. These are great for support and advice.

There are still questions to be asked before you join any weight loss program. Who surprises the program? What certifications, education or experience does the staff have? These are important as the program should be designed by educated and trained staff. See if there are meal plans that you have to follow or if you have to make your own.


After you’ve checked the answers, you need to ask yourself if this suits your lifestyle or if there are any changes you need to make for your personal needs and goals.

Don’t fall for programs that claim you don’t need diet or exercise to lose weight. Or rapid weight loss that seems too good to be true.

You can’t target a specific area on your body to drop pounds as this is nearly impossible. Your body works as a whole not in different parts. Fat burning occurs all over the body.

Last but definitely not least, check for risks. Are there any risks? Did you check with your doctor or specialist? Does it suggest any drugs or supplements or is it clean and natural?
Go for clean and natural programs that only offer foods that are not manmade.dfs

I mean artificial flavors, synthetic ingredients and junk foods that are just simply not meant to be eaten by humans. We have all the food groups available that are healthy and most effective for us for today until the rest of our lives.

We don’t have to worry about side effects or any such thing. You should avoid things that are not meant to be consumed. They are not healthy and may have side effects that are harmful for your health.

Check for the reviews

Research the program before starting, even if your doctor said it’s ok for you to start or if it’s a great program. You should always see what other people have to say about this program. Do they keep the weight off and are they still healthy?

The price of the program should be fair. But there are great programs that are free if you look online. Free or not, they all have their disadvantages and advantages. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle the most. You should be able to change your habits and lifestyle easily and there shouldn’t be any risks involved.

The first step: 

Go ahead and begin considering the right program for you. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program to check if it's safe and ok for you. Don't resort to drugs or medicine for weight loss as this might become a habit or even worse an addiction. Stay natural and stay active. Everyone can lose weight and if you choose to, you will. 

Leave a comment if you have any questions.fg

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