Any weight loss program for men should include routine exercise and changes in diet.  Let’s discuss a few areas of a successful weight loss program targeting men.

Weight loss for men is different than for women.  Mainly due to the differences in body structure (i.e. muscle).  A healthy diet for men should include a high amount of proteins for energy.  This will help define / increase muscle mass and help to decrease the percentage of fat.  In addition to keeping muscle structure intact when exercising, proteins offer a variety of essential functions such as protections against infection.

Diet is the most important part of weight loss program. If you eat a lot of fat while on a weight loss program, you will still be the same weight or possibly gain weight. To loss the weight, the fat should be reduced but not removed completely.  Men should increase the following in their diet: proteins, vegetables and fruits, and water.

Here are a few ideas for foods rich in protein: eggs, chicken, beef, milk, casein, and whey. For vegetarians, foods like beans, legumes, barley, lentils, tofu, nuts, quinoa, organic and European yogurt, almonds and almonds butter are high in protein. 

Not all men were created equal (or at least what they do in their daily routines does not make them equal).  As the metabolic rate varies in men, it is important to know the amount of calories you consume every day.

If you work in an office setting, you will have to put more time into cardiovascular exercises like jogging, running, climbing stairs, or skipping ropes as well as putting an adequate amount of time into weight-lifting.  For the weight training, you can use dumbbells and do push-ups and pull-ups.

For men who perform more physical work (i.e. construction workers), the amount of time to be spent on cardiovascular exercises will be deemphasized and diet will be more of an emphasis.

There are several factors that will affect the outcome of a weight loss program for men.  First, the amount of time you spend each day.  Secondly, the amount of time (in months) for increased / regimented exercise program

Depending on the amount of time you spendon working out and the period you have been doing it, there are some workout routines and kinds of diet to be on in order to achieve the required goal which is losing weight.

Weight Loss Programs for Men – Beginners

Your main diet objective should be to reduce the amount of junk food you eat.  This includes candy bars, chips, snack bars, soda, etc. Bascially, you want to avoid anything that is high in Carbohydrates comprised of primarily sugar as well as food high in fats. 

The workout routine should consist of an altnerating schedule with two days of rest interspersed.  Pay careful attention to your form when performing exercises.  This sets the stage for your routine schedule and decreased the risk for injury.

Excercise Routine 1 – Three to four sets of dumbbell shoulder press, biceps curls, bent over row and triceps rope pull downs. 

Excercise Routine 2 – Three to four sets of barbell squats, lunges, deadlift with dumbbells, standing calf raises with dumbbell and stability ball back extensions.

Once you have been working out for about three months, you can increase the routine sets and try more difficult routines.  Also, for those of you who work out regularly, increase the difficulty of your exercise routine. 

While weight loss is important for men, try not to concentrate heavily on it.  You will find that even when your pants are loose and your abs have form that you may not weigh much less than when you started.  Healthy living is the key to continued success and wellness.