I will fit my skinny jeans

Weight loss rewards are a great incentive to keep up your health goals. You need something to look forward to, in order to keep on track. It can start to get stale and boring, and you could easily fall off the track.

You have made the decision to take care of your body and your health, which is fantastic, but you have been at this for a weeks or months now, and you need to get some inspiration, especially since the needle seems to have slowed down on the scale. It was great while it was moving every week, that was your inspiration, but now that it is slowing down...

How about setting yourself some simple and yet "attainable" goals, that reap a weight loss reward?

Make the task a simple one, such as "I will lose five pounds over the next two or three weeks". Then book yourself a manicure, or get your hair done, or an afternoon in the book store. It doesn't have to cost much, or anything at all, just something special just for you that is not food related!

If you make the task to hard, then you will feel bad, and this will not help you with your weight loss goals. If you made this your New Year's resolution, then you probably started off with all kinds of zest and vigor, but after a couple of months into your new program it can start to feel stale. Maybe you have hit a plateau, which is very common when trying to lose weight.

Our bodies are very smart, and will adjust quite quickly. The trick to getting off that plateau, is to shake things up a bit!. Take a week off of your regular exercise routine, and try a totally different exercise, just for the week. One that taxes other muscle groups. Or switch your dinner and lunch around. Have your bigger meal mid day if you can.

Challenge your body with these switch ups now and then and you should get off any weight loss plateau. If you continue with the same exercises and the same diet, after a while your body does not feel challenged anymore, and the needle stops moving on the scale.

This is very common the closer you get to your weight loss goals. If you love your exercise program, then add more weights, or more reps, or just make it more challenging. Then start adding some weight loss rewards to your program, and then you have something to look forward to. Even baby steps should get rewarded with activities (no food involved)

So, make a list right now, of activities, that make you happy, and are likely to help keep you on track with your weight loss journey. You deserve them. If money is tight, then find things you like to do, that are a special treat for you. Or get together with friends and give each other a manicure or makeover.. Come up with something that you can look forward to, and you are not as likely to stray from your weight loss goals.