Many people are trying to lose weight these days, this is because the obesity situation in the United States of America and throughout the Western world is getting to a critical situation. Many of these people are thinking about weight loss surgery as the only practicable solution to their problems. Most of these people have tried many diets without success, falling back into the food trap of eating as a consolation. It is understandable therefore why some people would elect to put themselves under the knife and go for weight loss surgery.

Now weight loss surgery is not a simple procedure. Is very complicated and there are so many things that have to be decided by you with your physician and surgeon before any concrete decision will be made regarding weight loss surgery. You are not allowed just to walk into the hospital and tell them that you want to have weight loss surgery. This is because it is very dangerous procedure and only to be used in extreme cases of obesity where the patient is at high risk from being overweight. It is also a last resort. It is unlikely that the surgeon will undertake this procedure on anyone who has not tried every alternative first.

Reasons why you will be refused surgery for weight loss would include not having tried other methods of weight loss first. Your weight loss surgery would be turned down or postponed if you had any current heart problems, lung problems, or diseases. If you are suffering from any condition which would increase your chances of severe complications then the surgery would be refused to you.

Surgical procedures at the best of times are done in emergency situations save somebody's life. It is only relatively recently that people are starting to elect for surgical procedures in order to that they may look better. Weight loss surgery is definitely not a cosmetic surgery practice. There are certain cosmetic surgery procedures that you can go through in order to remove fat, but weight loss surgery is a different procedure.

The risk of the disease in somebody that is overweight increases with the amount of extra weight they carry. With morbidly obese people the risk of stroke, heart problems, cancer, joint and bone disease, respiratory problems, etc. grows exponentially with each extra pound that they are carrying. These are the main considerations that surgeon will use when he is considering whether you are a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery. You will have to be at least 100 pounds overweight in order to be offered this life-saving procedure. So what's your next step?

The next thing that you should do is to visit your family physician and explain to them the reasons why you think you should be considered for weight loss surgery. They will put you in contact with the surgeon with whom you can discuss the situation further. After weight loss surgery you should do everything in your power to maintain a healthy diet and a proper exercise routine in order that you never put on the weight again.