Weight loss surgery is the last resort for a category of overweight people, the ones that suffer from morbid obesity. Surgery is a weight loss system that works, but most fat surgeons would be very careful in picking the patients that can undergo this procedure. Usually the weight loss surgery hospitals and clinics have a psychologist that examines all potential patients, in order to assess if they are ready to radically change their life.

Many people think that weight loss surgery can and should replace any kind of diet or fitness program, that it's enough to spend several hours on the operation table in order to become fit without any other additional efforts or concerns. As this is false, we are now going to see why not everybody who's overweight is also eligible for a weight loss surgery procedure and what are the risks involved in case emotionally unstable persons are elected to get band lap or bariatric surgery.

First of all, if you consider losing weight with no contribution from your side, you should find out that weight loss surgery is only a tool that helps you change your eating habits and your lifestyle to a healthier one, that would lead to losing weight. The idea is that this kind of surgery shrinks your stomach, so you won't be able to eat huge portions like you were probably used to. One may say that it's enough to focus your will and to simply eat less without having surgery. Actually this is false, because it's very frustrating to never feel full, to always feel the hunger, to see yourself in the position of not being able to fall asleep at night because you're hungry and all you can think of is the food in your fridge. After the weight loss surgery, your stomach will only have the size of one coffee cup, so you'll be able to eat very small portions, otherwise you'll feel sick. In this way, you can feel full with a much smaller caloric intake, therefore your body would start slimming at a rapid pace. This fast weight loss can't be accomplished if you try to starve yourself to death.

Secondly, you need to be aware that in case you are heavily overweight, a rapid weight loss would lead to a lot of extra skin that would hang on you, preventing you from feeling normal and from moving easily, like you did when you were slim. Exercise needs to play a major role in your life after weight loss surgery, because you need to train and tone your muscles. After a while, you'll probably need to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to get rid of the skin in excess on your belly, hips and legs. You have to be mentally prepared for that. Additionally, you may want to get informed whether or not such surgery is covered by your health insurance policy. As it's quite expensive, you'd better investigate such things before it's too late.

If you've been overweight for a very long time, becoming slim could have major implications on your psychic, because you may feel like you've lost a big part of yourself together with all those pounds that went away. This can be accentuated n case of those persons who were already used to be the center of attention, because they needed help even for the simplest operations like getting out of bed, eating or toileting themselves.

The final test before getting approved for a weight loss surgery is to go through a diet based on liquids, diet which has two roles. The first role is to see how the patient responds to respecting a diet and medical indications, as it's possible that some persons are unable to follow such things and miserably fail after the surgery, when it would already be too late to turn back time. The second role is to make the patient lose weight before the surgery day, in order to reduce the amount of fat and to diminish the size of the liver. This would help a lot the surgeons in placing and handling their operating devices inside the patient's belly. As the weight loss surgery procedure is based on laparoscopy, doctors see the patient's interior on a computer screen and they need to handle a sort of robotic arms to do what they have to do based exclusively on what they see on the screen. If all they see is fat, they can't operate.

Being overweight is tough. It has multiple implications upon the quality of life. Very fat persons can't do many things that for others seem normal such as washing themselves or taking their kids for a walk in the park, or going to see a movie. In extreme cases, they can't even get out of bed, they can't walk, they can't do anything. They are like prisoners in a huge body. Unfortunately, obesity is really a disease, it's not related to being neglectful or lazy as some people may think when they disregard fat persons. Being overweight and having a normal social life is a tough challenge in today's society. This is why losing weight is so much wanted and chosen as New Year's resolution by so many people, year after year. This is how the success and the popularity of so many famous fast weight loss diets, dieting schemes, pills and nutritional supplements is explained. We are determined to regain our self-esteem by any means we can, but our body claims its rights, so we end up in overeating again, therefore for lots of people such weight loss programs were proven to be totally inefficient or even harmful. Maybe millions of people worldwide are going through the quest of finding the best weight loss program or the golden weight loss secrets. In fact all they do is trying to cut corners and trick their body into the mirage of accomplishing this without struggle.

Sometimes, will alone is not enough, especially when your body fights against you. This is what weight loss surgery is for: to provide desperate overweight persons who want to return to a normal and active lifestyle with a tool to help them in their endeavor of reshaping their body.