You have tried it before and have succeeded, but somehow, here you are again in the same situation, looking to lose 20 pounds and lean up.  The weight you lost ten years ago has appeared to creep back on and left you where you started.  Ten years ago, you lost weight quickly and it was easy, fun, and quick.  Now that you are somewhat older, the weight loss attempt (exactly how it was lost before) has not worked as you planned.  This situation is something that many adults struggle with regularly.  In fact, more than 30 percent of the American population is either overweight or obese and many of these individuals want to lose the excess weight. 

Moderation. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry that is bloated by gimmicky products that are of little value.  Some individuals go as far to choose to starve themselves but, ultimately find that the weight loss initially comes off fast, but after a couple of weeks it subsides.  Why is this?  For one reason (the main reason), the body is not meant to be in a state of starvation.  In fact, weight loss and eating go hand in hand.  Understanding moderation for losing weight in a healthy manner is something that will train the body to lose weight and keep it off.

Tracking Activity. Healthy weight loss should be slow and gradual.  It is recommended to lose one to two pounds per week by increasing physical activity, decreasing sitting/sedentary time, and by practicing moderation when eating.  There are plenty of free phone applications that can be used to track diet and activity.  Monitoring and recording physical activity is not always as simple as following a diet.  The easiest and most fun way to track physical activity is to purchase an activity monitor.  An activity monitor can help you track daily activity, sleep, calories burned, and number of steps per day.   

Caloric Deficit. One reason an activity monitor is essential for healthy weight loss is because it allows you to follow progress.  For every 3,500 calorie deficit the body has means approximately one pound of fat may be lost (this varies from person to person).  With a moderate diet and enough physical activity (both of which can be tracked and measured), weight loss can be accomplished slowly and last longer.

Training the mind and body for keeping weight off is crucial when you challenge yourself to lose excess weight.  Once the weight is lost, many succumb to prior habits which undo all the hard work.  Tracking physical activity and food consumption will help you stay the on track in the long term.  Using a sleek and fashionable activity tracker on the wrist is no different than wearing a wrist watch!

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