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That old phrase “You are what you eat” is making quite a comeback. After all the fad diets like  the Kirstie Alley Diet or the 17 day diet have come and gone, which they do on a regular basis, we always return to the simple truth that what you eat defines who you are. So if you are looking for weight loss tips, keep reading. 

Desperate, Depressive and Stressed

A diet plan that is high in processed sugar and artificial ingredients is going to create a person that suffers from an increasing sense of desperation and depression. Why? Many of these ingredients, especially sugar, create a false energy in the body that makes you feel alive and then; your blood sugar crashes and all of your emotions and mental processes crash right along with it.

Putting yourself through these constant highs and lows places an excessive strain and stress on the body. When your blood sugar goes too high, it triggers an insulin reaction. That insulin reaction is part of the body’s natural methods of handling stress. If you are munching on donuts and sipping sodas all day, then your body, which cannot tell the difference between stress from almost getting in a car accident and stress from too much sugar, is going to start doing its thing to calm you down.  

The problem is that this natural cycle is meant for real stress, not artificially induced ones. And it is not just white sugar or corn syrup. Many kinds of processed flours and artificial additives have ingredients that cause the body to behave as if it is reacting to stress. Remember Red Dye #2 and the way it would make your heart race? If you are what you eat, and all you eat are stress inducing foods that then cause you to crash; you will become depressed and stressed.

Healthy Foods = A Healthy Person

The more balanced your diet is, the more nutritious and the more in control you are of the portions you eat, the healthier you are. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. People are often unaware of just how much concentration, time and effort they put into assuming that they are hungry and seeking out food. The more you begin to exercise a kind of gentle control of choice and are careful about your portions, the less controlled by food you will be.

The better the food you eat, the better your body works, and you will become less prone to sickness, hold a better weight and feel more in control of your body. Just eating healthy foods is not enough; it is your attitude towards eating them that is important as well. You can just as easily become addicted to healthy foods as you can to junk foods and place your body under a similar high level of stress that will be just as destructive to you if not more so.


Water may not be thought of as a food, but it is essential to every second of your life. If you consume an appropriate amount of water, you are charging your body with the most important element of all it needs to survive. If you are what you eat, then consuming water means you are alive. That is an affirmation that you can’t go wrong with making sure happens daily.

So forget about all the diet plans and begin thinking about what you are eating.  By viewing your eating as another healthy facet of your life; you will become a stronger, better you.