Dieting seems to be the craze for girls and women who assume that they are overweight (thanks to the standards set by our very own mainstream media). It's understandable that everybody likes to stay in shape, but honestly, an exhaustive dieting routine is not the answer to the weight problem. You will get some short term results but the side effects will soon nullify the positive results and you will be facing a number of complications soon. And it's not a long term solution either; do you think you can carry on with the dieting plans for all your life? Hopefully your answer is in negative for your own taste bud's sake.

Following are some weight loss tips for women to help them achieve the weight and figure that they've always dreamt for.

1). Be Active!

Being active means less sessions in front of TV or PC, and more household work, walking to the grocery shop, taking part in some sort of physical sports, going for a walk! The problem with TV, movies, games, and last but not the least, social networking is that all these indoor activities have added to our weight related problems. If you are spending hours and hours on Facebook and hardly engaging in some physical activity, then you will be facing weight and posture related issues sooner or later.

2). Eat Healthy!

Avoid adding too much oil, butter, cream, and the likes to your foods. Try a new cuisine, some new healthy dishes, for example, did you know that Vietnamese, Thai, or Japanese foods are good for weight conscious people, because they contain fewer calories than your average Western foods? Try some of these recipes and you might be amazed with the health benefits, not to mention that some of these dishes are quite tasty as well.

3). Stop Starving Yourself

Starving and skipping meals would only result in a drastic and unhealthy drop in energy level that will make you logy, inactive and downright lethargic. If anything, you should go for cutting down on the amount i.e. eat quality food in smaller quantities. If you were eating two eggs for breakfast, reduce it to one, same goes for the lunch or dinner. If you are feeling hungry (because your stomach is used to that "stuffed" feeling) then munch on a carrot or any other fruit. It will maintain the energy level as well as many other health benefits.

4). Walk, Jog, Dance, Exercise!

If you don't have time to hit the gym, then you should at least spare out an hour to have a stroll with a friend. Adopt this as a daily practice, and when you feel you have built some stamina, start a couple of jogging sessions on weekly basis. It's best if you have a friend/partner accompanying you along, but even if you don't have (because all of your friends are busy playing Farmville on Facebook) then your MP3 player or the iPod should suffice.

5).Water, Water, Water!

Please stop taking too many frizzy soda drinks and aim to have more water instead! Use a lesser amount of sugar in your tea or coffee and avoid consumption of creamy drinks. It's ok to treat yourself once in a while, but daily consumption of such drinks would cause tremendous weight gain.

Losing weight takes time and a lot of efforts. All pills, and diet plans that promises you instant weight loss in a week or two is a fad and soon you would realize that it has actually backfired. Weight loss can be achieved through perseverance, patience and a controlled eating pattern, and aforementioned weight loss tips for women will surely start showing results in next to no time.