Weight-Loss trick #1- Remember, 'This is for Life'


Weight-Loss tricks can play a part of your losing weight quicker plan. To lose weight quicker you need to adopt a 'This is for Life' approach; a lifetime of healthy eating starts today. This is the only healthy approach and will help you lose weight quicker. Because you are realistic in your goals and expectations, you do not fall at the first hurdle; you know this is how it HAS to be, for life, so get used to it.

Weight-Loss trick #2 - Eat to Live

To lose weight is never easy. Diets are a waste of time. You need to change the way you think about food if you want to lose weight quicker. Food should be a necessity instead of a pleasure. You need to adopt an 'Eat to Live' approach, rather than the 'Live to eat' one that is so common in society today.

Weight-Loss trick #3 - Accept that Being Hungry at Mealtimes is Part of Life

We all tend to snack whenever we feel slightly hungry, rather than wait until we are really hungry. You should be hungry when you sit down for a meal.

Weight-Loss trick #4 - Drink Water Before Every Meal

Have a large glass of water before your meal if you are serious about losing weight quicker. Water is good for you because it helps you digest your food. Experts say women need 5 pints of water a day and men need 7 pints. Some of that comes from foods like fruit, broccoli and mushrooms, but we all need to drink a lot more water.

Weight-Loss trick #5 - Go for a Walk When You Start to Get Hungry

Have a glass of water and go for a walk before you start cooking. Exercise depresses the appetite in most people as well as burning up more calories. Result-You lose weight faster.

Weight-Loss trick #6 - Eat Small Meals, More Often


Your metabolism accelerates every time you eat. This means your body uses more energy, so eat the same total amount of food, divided into more, but smaller meals.

Weight-Loss Tip #7 - Expect to Finish Your Meal Able to Eat More

Sometimes it takes a while before your body sends a message to your brain that you have had enough food for now. Do NOT expect to feel full when your meal is over, you will still feel full shortly after your meal. Stop eating sooner than you used to and lose weight faster.

Weight-Loss Tip #8 - Buy Smaller Plates


Buy smaller plates and fill them but with steamed or broiled vegetables. Potatoes are fine, but not if you are temped to put butter on them.

Weight-Loss Tip #9 - Cut Out the Fat


Give away the deep fat fryer. Broil or steam vegetables, fish and meat instead of frying it. If you do fry, then use one of the low calorie spray cooking oils. Less fat means you WILL lose weight faster.

Weight-Loss Tip #10 - Buy a George Foreman Type Contact Grill

These grills are like a griddle, but they slope down, so that any fat drains away. They cook everything very quickly, because the heat is conducted directly into the food. You can cook anything on one. Thinly sliced potatoes come out crispy. Carrot strips, pepper slices and asparagus are all delicious cooked on a contact grill. If you eat more vegetables because they taste better then you are well on the way to a healthier diet and losing weight. Faster cooking seals in more of the flavor, too.

Weight-Loss Tip #11 - Eat Lots of Fish, Chicken and Turkey

Even lean beef, pork and lamb contains 30% fat. Fat is loaded with calories and eating too much fat is the main reason so many of us are overweight. Eat fish for your main meal two or three times a week. Eat turkey or chicken twice or three times a week. Eat more beans and pulses by cooking one vegetarian meal a week. This cuts most of the saturated fat out of your diet, too, so, as well as helping you lose weight faster it will help your heart in other ways.

Weight-Loss Tip #12 - Use Marinades

Make your own marinades. Experiment by mixing your own by blending some of these basic marinade components: balsamic vinegar, chillicurry paste, garlic, lime juice, mustard, soy sauce, and anything else that you have in. Marinated fish steaks and chicken or turkey breasts will be much more acceptable with your family than the plain, grilled or steamed variety. Wrap the marinated fish or meat in cooking foil and bake it in the oven. You will lose weight faster if you can eat what the family eat at mealtimes, so give them the same tasty, healthy food that you are eating. This is probably the most important Weight-Loss tip in this list.

Weight-Loss Tip #13 - Cook TASTY Food

We are used to frying food for more flavour. While you are trying to lose weight faster make sure that your food is still tasty by using marinades and switching to more intensely flavoured foods like smoked salmon or mackerel. Curries and chillies are possible without frying if you use curry paste or sauce rather than curry powder.

Weight-Loss Tip #14 - Organize Your Snacks


Snacking is a major obstacle to losing weight faster. This Weight-Loss tip is difficult to keep to if you have children, but buy snacks they like and you dislike. Keep no potato chips or chocolate in the house, no cookies, cakes, cheese or ice cream either. Buy lots of fruit and other similar healthy snack foods. Prepare your snacks when you are cooking meals, and always have some in the fridge. Butternut squash makes a delicious alternative to potato chips or nuts. Just slice it and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes until it turns brown at the edges.