Faster Weight Loss

Most of us will, at some point in our lives, want to shed a few pounds. It's just part of life - and it can tend to get worse as we get older. Those extra inches gained over the holiday season seem to get harder to shift every year.

However, it is possible to lose weight a little faster - and in a healthy manner - by taking a different approach to weight loss. 

Gaining or losing weight is governed by two things:

  1. How many calories you take on board every day (how much you eat and drink).
  2. How many calories you burn every day (how much you exercise).

Most people will tend to focus on item 1 - and that makes a lot of sense. Eating and drinking too much is why most of us gain weight in the first place. Getting your calorie intake under control is an important step on the road to weight loss.

However, the often neglected second item on the list also has an important part to play. You can increase the number of calories that you burn every day, and tip the scales in your favor, by exercising.

It's an option that is often overlooked as the very thought of exercise is enough to make many people come out in a cold sweat. It is, for a lot of us, associated with an unpleasantly high degree of effort, and a certain amount of pain and suffering into the bargain.

However, there's no need to visit the gym and get all hot and sweaty (unless you want to, of course). If you want to exercise to lose weight, you just need to do a little more than you normally do. You don't need to run a marathon - you just need to walk a little further every day.

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Walking To Lose Weight

Walking is a great way to lose weight. Don't make the mistake of writing it off be cause it's a low impact, low intensity exercise technique. There's no need for you to "go for the burn" in order to get in shape. You just need to exercise by walking a little more than normal - every day, on a regular basis.

Most fitness experts agree that taking 10,000 steps a day will help you to achieve numerous health benefits - weight loss being just one of those. For someone of average height and stride length, that equates to between four and a half and five miles a day.

It sounds like a lot, but that's the total distance that you need to walk. It includes all of the steps that you take anyway during your normal daily routine. There are plenty of ways which you can use to boost the number of steps that you take each day.

  • Leave the car at home and go to work, school, the shops, on foot.
  • Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.
  • If you travel by bus, get off one or two stops earlier than usual. Complete your journey on foot.
  • When you're talking on your cell phone, get up and pace up and down.

Those are just a few suggestions. I'm sure that you can think of plenty others. The trick is to do just a little bit more every single day. 

Weight loss and walking make a great combination. Regular daily walking, on a consistent basis, combined with a sensible diet, will deliver results surprisingly quickly.

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