Weight Loss and Green Tea: The Truth of the MatterWeight loss is an epidemic in this stress-loaded modern world. Let’s get things straight right here and now. It’s never easy to lose weight so we have been constantly in search for the ultimate weight loss solution. Weight problems seem to plague men and women of all ages and races. Is there really a sure-fire way towards losing extra pounds? What’s the truth behind weight loss and green tea?

Plant derivatives for losing weight are not new anymore. In fact, they have been used, tried and tested for many years. They have been known for their medicinal properties. Although they cannot in any way melt away the pounds, they are effective in promoting weight loss the natural way. They work in two ways; either they trick the brain to think that the stomach is full or they speed up metabolism. But just like conventional medicine, they should be taken with great caution. Is it possible to lose weight with green tea? What’s in it for us?

Although the fact that green tea is good for the health has long been known, it is only recently that scientists and researchers at Harvard Women’s Health Watch have determined how green tea benefits transpire in the body.  

Green tea is full of compounds called catechins, a category of antioxidants which have been known to increase the rate of metabolism and fat burning in the body. Green tea is a natural stimulant and has antioxidant compounds.  Triglycerides are dissolved by the polyphenols in green tea. These are stored naturally in the liver but are also found in other parts as well. The dissolution of triglycerides eventually stimulates metabolism thus  helping you lose weight. A chemical found in green tea called EGCG mixed with caffeine, makes your nervous system release signal to the brain. The command is to let go of fats into the blood stream so that it gets burned as energy for the body. There are extensive research studies to prove that we can lose weight with green tea. It can be purchased in various forms. They are available in tea bag form or loose crushed leaves. It can also be purchased in capsule form, but is said to be less effective.

There is no single sure-fire formula to get rid of excess weight. A lot of people just can’t seem to curb their weight gain and their frustrations mount up as the scale goes up, too. They would usually charge it on a number of reasons like sluggish metabolism, genetics, lack of willpower, and a whole lot of other reasons. And they resort to various measures like diet pills, fad diets, strange-looking gadgets, slimming teas and coffees, and even herbs for weight loss. Weight loss and green tea is the best way to lose weight is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Green tea has other health benefits that we can enjoy but to those who want to lose weight the natural way it can be the ultimate solution. There are no known side effects and it is widely available in different forms. Go give it a try now!